Mysterious logo appears on side of Southampton’s St Mary’s stadium leaving fans baffled.. but some have cracked the code

FANS are baffled after a mysterious logo appeared on stadiums around the country.

The symbol appeared on the O2 Arena as well as Premier League Nottingham Forest’s City Ground.

The logo appeared on Southampton’s St Mary’s stadiumTwitter @EllenRowles

The symbol was visible on Nottingham Forest’s City Ground

Plymouth’s Grandstand was covered with the logo

Championship sides Swansea and Southampton also had their stadiums lit up with the logo, leading to confusion for Saints fans.

Many had no idea what it was, with one supporter saying: “Haven’t a clue?? Would like to know.”

Another added: “Go on. Someone tell me what this is. Please ”

However some cracked the code and pointed out it was the logo of a popular boyband, who appear to be playing at St Mary’s next year.

One fan said: “Take that.”

Another added: “Take that that must be doing a tour and doing some shows at St Mary’s, that’s all ”

Take That star Gary Barlow hinted at a potential 2024 as he shared a series of photos bearing the band’s logo.

Championship side Plymouth even mowed the ‘TT’ logo into their pitch, as well as shining the symbol on the outside of the main stand.


The other teams involved include Norwich, MK Dons, Middlesbrough, and Bristol City.

Take That last played a UK tour in 2019.

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