My manhood has TRIPLED in size after I made a lifestyle change, says Liverpool legend Razor Ruddock

LIVERPOOL legend Neil “Razor” Ruddock says his todger has tripled in size after making a huge lifestyle change.

The Premier League legend, 54, shed 7 stone thanks to life-saving gastric surgery after his weight hit a whopping 27st. 

instagram/neilrazorruddock25Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock loses seven stone after secret gastric sleeve surgery[/caption]

But there was another added benefit, he told the Daily Star – it gave him a boost in the bedroom department.

After shedding the weight, he said: “I can see the end of it (my willy) now! It’s got three times as big – I can do helicopters with it now!”

The former footballer said his sex life with former glamour girl wife couldn’t get any better as a result.

The I’m A Celebrity star confessed he had concerns about his health after his weight ballooned when his eating and drinking spiralled out of control.

His weight soared as he sank 20 pints of beer in marathon boozing sessions, and binged on mega curries and kebabs.  

Razor first suffered a health scare while filming an ITV show with Harry Redknapp in 2019, called  Harry’s Heroes: The Full English.

He was told he was at a risk of a heart attack and needed to lose at least five stone.

So he decided to have a gastric sleeve procedure to help him slim down.

The surgery was a fantastic success for the former Liverpool ace, who was recognised as one of the best defenders for England during his career.

He revealed: “I’m ‘Reset Razor’ now. I could see myself as a high-end wellness coach. I’ve got the experience of the health, the football, the training and now the surgery – it’s a lot.”

Razor praised his wife Leah for her support, saying she found the name of the clinic Towie’s James ‘Arg’ Argent, 35, visited for his gastric sleeve procedure.

The surgery –where he had three-quarters of his  stomach removed – went ahead last September.

Getty – ContributorNeil and his glamourous wife Leah Newman attending a party in London in 2015[/caption]

Clive Brunskill/ALLSPORTThe Liverpool legend challenges Dean Austin in 1994[/caption]

News Group Newspapers LtdRuddock as a West Ham debutant in 1998[/caption]

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