My blackmailers are the therapists that keep me going – Sen Tofowomo

My blackmailers are the therapists that keep me going – Sen Tofowomo

Sometimes we feel angry over the outrage of our enemies because they take pleasure in causing us pains and drawing us back. The development of enemies is largely due to certain differences in your characters and events. But I just realised some of them are the therapists that keep me going regardless of the evil they are perpetrating against me for refusing to grant their selfish desires.

Of recent, my constituents would observe there are many spurious, mischievous, and untrue allegations falsely concocted against my personality to dent my image ahead of the 2023 general election because of my intimidating and distinguished achievements within two years as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria despite my obvious health challenges.

A couple of weeks ago, a lot of sponsored stories were flying on social media against my person because I didn’t continue in the payment of money running into millions of Naira every month to some political friends who are now in the ruling APC and the Zenith Labour Party.

They contracted many people to be throwing banter at me on social media. They went the extra mile to recruit their girlfriends who are sexual comforters in crime for the execution of their missions after many people they recruited for the job later realised that I did them no wrong.

The recent among these dubious acts is the high level of falsehood by a “Charge and Bail baby Lawyer” who cannot write simple and correct English in a petition he submitted to the Inspector General of Police calling for my arrest over the concocted false allegations he raised against me.

The poorly scripted petition loaded with grammatical errors was written with bad Belle because I refused to assist him to pay his debt after going bankrupt at the hands of a money lender in Akure.

The APC card-carrying Lawyer is a member of several political parties that is eating everywhere. He rushed to the press to publish his resignation letter after I sacked him last year as one of my Aides when I discovered he is a member of all the political parties in Nigeria.

This piece of writing is not to expose them yet, because I am waiting for their cup to be filled up before I do that and by the time I would do that, it would be backed up with proofs. But today, I only write to appreciate them for teaching me how to manage anger. They are the best people who helped me to understand the sense of anger management.

Their hatred and propaganda have also helped me to win more political gladiators to my side. They are losing followers day by day. Their negative comments have given me major political breakthroughs. I have succeeded in making many friends since they started their campaign of calumny.

My detractors have given me the ability to realise the multitude of possibilities in my political career. They have helped me to focus on the many positives and good things that are in my life.

This piece is to appreciate all of them for making me discover my strengths and weaknesses to be a better representative of the good people of Ondo South.

Many thanks to all my blackmailers because they are the therapists that keep me going.

Sen Nicholas Tofowomo

September 3, 2021.