A widow of over 30 Years Needs Your Help to Rebuild Her Home

On the 4th of April 2019, Mrs Florence Onyewuchi, a widow sleeping peacefully with her children in her home in Amaocha Afara Autonomous community, in Mbaitoli, LGA Imo State woke up to find she no longer had a roof over her head.The thunderstorm that had raged all through the night had blown away this security from over her and her childrens’ heads. Thankfully, this mother and her children survived. Every day we hear news of building collapses in Nigeria from natural disasters and unfortunately, a lot of lives are lost in some of these disasters. Fortunately, this is not the situation with Mrs Florence and her children.

While we may rave and rant at the government, the building contractors, and the system as a whole, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do bring back the lives that are lost when these incidents occur .We can only pray that their gentle souls rest in the bossom of their maker and that their families find solace – words fail me to see what can adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one. We may not be able to help in every case, but this is one case where we can be of immeasurable help.

Mrs Florence Onyewuchi, a widow of over 30 years needs our help to rebuild her home. As I write this, she is sitting outside the ruins of her wind-destroyed house. At night, she and her children seek shelter with the neighbours, and during the day they sit outside, hoping against hope for help from where? – they do not know. Mrs Florence Onyewuchi has been a widow for close to thirty years and for a more significant part of this time, has toiled to raise her children by herself. Her three children had to drop out of school for lack of funds and are currently without jobs.

This widow is one of our mothers in Nigeria and she needs our help to rebuild a home for her to live in. I genuinely want to believe that we are not immune to the plight of an unfortunate widow. I want to believe that the spirit that moves us to offer alms to a stranger, to donate to orphanages, to raise funds for the sick and the less privileged in our society, will once more move us to provide for this widow.

No amount is too small; no contribution negligible. Kindly Send your widows’ mite.

If you are in Imo state, you can pay her a visit at Amaocha Autonomous Community in Afara, Mbaitoli LGA.
The family: Onyewuchi family