He must have a car
He must have a good job
He must have a house
He must be able to take me overseas for holidays
He must be able to provide me with the good things of life
He must be romantic
He must …

Looks familiar? This sort of list usually goes on and on… often endless. The criteria many ladies have for Mr Right, only an Cherub in Heaven would tick all the boxes 😂😂😂.

Of course, it is okay to have a list of things you desire about your future husband but what is also very important to consider is what you will bring to the relationship.
In other words, what value are you going to add to the man, or are you just in search of a ready-made man who you think will complete you and make you feel like you have made it in life by marrying him? No! You are better than that.

Gone are the days when a woman depends on a man for every single thing! It is very important that you are a person of value. In fact, men these days are in search of women who will be assets to them, who they can flaunt to their friends and families, who they will be proud of as their wives. When you are an asset, you become so attractive to any right thinking guy who is ready to settle down and you intimidate the purposeless and valueless ones. Value attracts value


Physical beauty is not an asset, having an hour-glass shape is not an asset, having your make up on fleek 24/7 is not an asset 😱, being able to wear the most expensive human hair is not an asset, having lots of fashionable shoes and bags are not assets, having a wardrobe full of designer clothes and accessories are not assets!

Can you cook? Are you able to keep your home neat and tidy? Are you industrious? Are you able to go all out to create a source of income for yourself even when it appears jobs are so difficult to find? How much investment are you making into your own future? Are you intentional about your life – do you read books? Do you attend seminars that will add value to you? How much savings do you have? Are you humble? What’s your attitude like?

The Proverbs 31 woman was an amazing asset to her husband and a strong pillar, no wonder he called her BLESSED! This is the kind of woman you should strive to be.

Have a review of your criteria for Mr Right, put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself; if you were Mr Right, will you marry YOU?

Be a woman of value!
Be an asset!!
Be an extraordinary helpmeet!!!

God bless you!