Mr. Olympia 2022 prize money breakdown: What is the prize and how much will the winner make?

THE Mr. Olympia 2022 competition is well under way with this year’s contestants putting their strength to the ultimate test.

And the prestigious competition comes with the ultimate prize – from how much the Mr. Olympia winner will make to how to watch, here’s everything you need to know.

YouTubeMr. Olympia 2022 is the title awarded to the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding contest[/caption]

How much does the winner of Mr. Olympia 2022 make?

This year will see the total prize money for the combined 11 events at Mr. Olympia at a staggering $1.6 million.

The total purse for the convention is the highest its ever been, breaking the previous amount of $1.4million.

The prize money is split between the winners of all the events, Mr Olympia being the only first-place title to walk away with six figures, according to Sporting News.

The 2022 top prize is reported to be a tidy $750,000 – meaning winning can bolster your bank balance and your profile too.

If last year’s pay-out is anything to go by, Mr Olympia 2022 will be taking home an eye-watering sum of money.

In 2021, winner Elssbiay took home $400,000.

How much do the runners up of Mr. Olympia 2022 make?

The exact distribution amount for each division has not been announced.

However, the runners up of Mr. Olympia are set to take home some of the $1.6 million prize purse.

When will the winner of Mr. Olympia 2022 be announced?

The winner of Mr. Olympia will be revealed on Saturday, December 17 at 7pm.

Results for the Men’s Physique Olympia, Bikini Olympia and Classic Physique Olympia will also be announced.

Where to watch Mr. Olympia 2022 live

If you’re wondering where to watch the Mr. Olympia 2022 competition online, know that cable will not be airing it this year.

For access to Olympia TV, those who wish to binge-watch the competition must pay a membership fee for the Premium Package of about $69.99.

The Amateur Olympia 2022 PPV Package will cost $29.99.

For more information on live streaming the event and to make a purchase, simply visit the Mr. Olympia website.

If you are not willing to splash the cash, you can still connect with the event through the Mr. Olympia Fan Channel which will enable you to watch all the behind scenes action.

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