Mohbad’s Father Shares More Revelation About His Son’s Death (Video)

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has shared more updates about the death of his son.

Aloba, in a recent interview with The Sight, said he can not say Naira Marley is responsible for the death of his son.

He further stated that Naira Marley was not present when his son, Mohbad, died.

Aloba described his late son as his friend, helper and the light of his family.

When asked what might have killed his son, He said, “The only revelation that I have on that very day is that a day to his death, I had a dream. I saw someone in the front of my house holding a gun. In the dream, I dodged the bullet. On that very Tuesday, I decided to stay at home, praying about the dream I had. By 4 O’clock, they called me that I should come to VI to meet him at the hospital. On my way there, at the bus stop, they called me again that I should go back home and that everything had been settled.

“As an elderly person, I knew that there was something behind that. That is not something they can tell me at the bus stop. So I refused. I went back to his house. I reached his house. He was already dead.”

When asked who took Mohbad to the hospital when he died, he responded, “I don’t know exactly who they are. I can only blame them that they allowed an auxiliary nurse to work on him at that level because Mohbad is not the kind of person they can put in a room and call a nurse.

“Which kind of nurse? Is she qualified? Mere looking at what happened, that is not a qualified nurse, giving him an injection inside a room.

“Maybe it is the effect of the injection that resulted in this because, according to them, after giving him the injection, he was vomiting. One of his boys now decided that they should put him on an ‘Okada’ so they could take him to the hospital. That is what I heard from them.”

Speaking on the speculations that he was rushed to the hospital with some head and neck injuries, the father said, “It is not the neck. The injury is on the hand.”

According to him, the boys with Mohbad said one of the deceased singer’s bosom friends met him at a show, and they exchanged pleasantries the way they normally do.

He said some of his son’s boys were displeased by the way they greeted him and asked the friend to leave Mohbad alone, but Mohbad insisted that his friend stayed with him and even allowed him into the car he rode in.

Mr Aloba added that he was told that when they got to their destination, Mohbad became angry and sustained the injury on his hand.

He noted, “That very day, he did not complain to anybody, It was the following day that the hand became swollen and that was when they called a nurse. I don’t know the type of nurse they called.”

He said he did not hear anything from the doctors and that the body was already home when he arrived at Mohbad’s residence.

Mr Aloba revealed, “I am the one that decided that they should pick him up to Ikorodu for his burial. My belief is that God that gives and God that takes.”

Responding to a question on what steps he took to address the complaints by Mohbad that Naira Marley and others were assaulting him, the distraught father said, “I tried my best to reach Naira Marley but everything was in vain. When this issue happened, I wanted to trek to his house, but I was scared because I didn’t know what I would meet there.

“There was a time that Naira Marley called me, and for me to call him back was not possible. Someone that you do not have contact with, it will be difficult for you to reach him.

“I heard a lot of things happened to him, but you cannot say it’s Naira Marley because he was attacked when he was doing his new album with Zlatan. We cannot say it is Naira Marley because the people that came are not Naira Marley, so we can’t say it’s Naira Marley that did it.”

He dismissed claims that his deceased son was into drugs.

Watch the video below:

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