Mohbad Might Still Be Alive If He Had A Background Like Davido – Ex-Principal

Mohbad Might Still Be Alive If He Had A Background Like Davido – Ex-Principal

Abidemi Faboye, the principal of Abifab College, Ikorodu, Lagos, the secondary school Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, attended, has said if the late singer had a background like that of Davido, he might still be alive.

Recall that the late singer suddenly died last week on Tuesday and was buried on Wednesday. However, after a call for justice due to the circumstances surrounding his demise, his corpse was exhumed for an autopsy to aid the investigation.

Reacting to the sudden demise of Mohbad, Faboye said even though the late singer was diligent in pursuing his career, he might still be alive if he had a background like Davido, whose parents understood the essence of education.

He said even though he is proud of the late singer because he was a real Imole (light) of Afrobeats music, he would have gone far with better guidance from parents and advanced in education, Naija News gathered.

Faboye said, ”If Promise (Mohbad) had the type of background David Adeleke (Davido) had, he might likely be alive now. I believed Mohbad’s death was avoidable, but God knows best.

”What I am saying, in essence, is that parents should encourage their children. Education is very important for any career a child eventually chooses. Even if one cannot have a second degree, one should have a first degree, and then pursue one’s career diligently. Promise pursued his career diligently.”

Speaking further, Faboye told The Punch that “Parents should not always force courses or careers on their children. Forcing children to achieve greatness in one’s own way is not the best. One should encourage one’s children, and ask them questions.

”Most parents are so busy nowadays that they don’t have the time to ask their children questions.

”He never felt that he couldn’t make it, because his father was a carpenter. It is a pity that we lost him. Parents should encourage their children by financing them and advising them. They should not be far away from their children. If one’s children want to do music, law or engineering, one should encourage them with finance.

”Even as an old father or grandfather, one should still sit with one’s children and talk to them, because the knowledge and information one has can still help them.

”That was one thing Promise lacked. He was not talking to me. If he had talked to me, God could have used me to really guide him. We just learnt that he was dead, that he wrote a petition to the police, and that his equipment was destroyed. After the letter, he should have spoken out.”

Faboye, who questioned who the late singer had as a mentor to guide him, added, ”Who was his mentor and adviser when such things happened? The matter should have been resolved amicably among the parties involved, but he kept it to himself. Perhaps, he was talking, but people were not listening.

“The habit of some parents who give their children freedom is good, but it shouldn’t be total freedom. If one gives them total freedom, they might misbehave. Parents should move closer to their children, so as to help them achieve greatness. Everything should have been done to avoid his death.”

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