Miss Bum Bum taunts ‘World Cup’s hottest fan’ Ivana Knoll with cheeky snaps after Argentina knock out Croatia

A FORMER Miss Bum Bum and Lionel Messi superfan has savagely taunted the “World Cup’s hottest fan” after Argentina reached this Sunday’s final.

Suzy Cortez, 32, a Brazilian model and beauty pageant star, is cheering on rivals Argentina due to her love for the diminutive striker.

NewsflashBrazilian model Suzy Cortez is Lionel Messi’s ‘number one fan’[/caption]

Ivana Knoll has been dubbed the ‘World Cup’s hottest fan’Rex

Suzy taunted Ivana after Messi’s Argentina thrashed Croatia 3-0Rex

And in the wake of Argentina‘s demolishing of Croatia in the World Cup semi-final, the ex-Miss Bum Bum was quick to stick the boot into Croatian model Ivana Knoll.

Ivana, 30, has been dubbed the “World Cup’s hottest fan” due to her eye-catching outfits in the colours of the Croatian flag.

She filmed herself mocking Brazilian striker Richarlison’s “pigeon dance” after Croatia knocked out the South American giants in the quarter-finals.

And following Argentina’s 3-0 thrashing of Croatia, Brazilian beauty Suzy couldn’t resist a little dig.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote: “Where’s Ivana Piranha who made fun of the Brazilians? Go dancing in Croatia! On Sunday we will be champions.”

She also shared a picture of herself biting a red-and-white chequerboard cloth similar to the Croatian flag with her Instagram followers.

“Where is the Croatia?” she asked, mockingly. “They’re going to watch the final at home!”

Suzy celebrated Argentina reaching their sixth World Cup Final by delighting her fans with photos of her getting covered in body paint in the blue and white colours of the flag.

She declared “of course I’ll be there,” when asked by an Argentine TV channel if she would be attending this Sunday’s final.

Suzy has been invited to watch the final in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

And she announced her plans for future tattoos if Argentina secure their third World Cup, and Messi’s first.

She said: “I plan to get tattooed like Messi, with the ball and the number 10 on his leg.”

Suzy already has seven tattoos of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, including one in a very intimate location just above her waistline.

Despite being born in Brazil, Suzy has no problem supporting her country’s arch-rivals Argentina.

The winner of the title of Miss Bum Bum in both 2015 and 2019, she has declared herself the world’s number one Lionel Messi fan.

So far, Ivana hasn’t responded directly to Suzy’s taunt.

The German-born model and swimwear designer slammed the referee’s performance during Tuesday’s semi-final on her Instagram.

Sharing two photos of her surrounded by Croatian fans in an iconic red-and-white checked bikini top on her Instagram, she said: “Sometimes we play amazing, sometimes not so well, sometimes in the semi-finals we have bad referee like yesterday to give [a] penalty for nothing and losing the chance to get the World Cup, sometimes we are underrated and then we show the way home to the most favoured team, that is football… But [the] most important thing, we are A SMALL COUNTRY WITH A BIG HEART and I am proud to be a Croatian forever and ever!”

She is expected to attend this Saturday’s third-place playoff clash with Morocco, who were beaten 2-0 by World Cup holders France on Wednesday.

SplashIvana hit out at the referee’s performance during Tuesday’s semi-final[/caption]

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