Micah Richards leaves Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker in stitches as he hilariously reveals ‘quite sexual’ weirdest injury

Micah Richards leaves Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker in stitches as he hilariously reveals ‘quite sexual’ weirdest injury

MICAH RICHARDS left his co-hosts Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer in stitches as he revealed the weirdest injury he has ever received.

The presenters were talking as part of their “The Rest is Football” podcast.

twitter @restisfootballMicah Richards has said the weirdest injury he has ever received is “quite sexual”[/caption]

twitter @restisfootballGary wanted to know more[/caption]

twitter @restisfootballShearer found the tale hilarious[/caption]

Footballers are always prone to injuries

Even in the bedroom @MicahRichards pic.twitter.com/f3BFednQ3V

— The Rest Is Football (@RestIsFootball) September 20, 2023

During a Q&A segment the presenters were asked: “What was the strangest injury you or a team-mate picked up during your careers?”

A sheepish Micah Richards put himself forward to answer the question first and said: “I have but it’s quite sexual… It’s not really appropriate for this podcast.”

His admission was met by an outburst of laughter from both Shearer and Lineker.

Lineker encouraged Richards to expand on the injury by saying: “It’s okay, it’s mostly adults listening… What do you mean? No, you can’t leave it at that.”

Shearer interjected and said: “You can see already this is going viral!”

Once Richards pulled himself together he said: “Basically, I was having ‘fun’, let’s put it like that and as I was having fun, I slipped off the bed and I’d stretched my leg and did my hamstring!

“The thing is though I was totally fine in training [the day before] so when I go back to training [the next day] the physio asked me ‘what have you done?’

“I just said ‘I’ve just got some pain in my back, I felt it in the game but I didn’t really wanna say nothing and it was all because of that moment.


“They didn’t know the truth until now to be honest.”

Lineker then said to Shearer that there would be no way he could compete with Richards’ story.

And Shearer was straight up, saying: “I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with that, no.”

But he did reveal that he had a team-mate that similarly pinged his ham string but this time playing a drinking game called “The box game”.

To cover up the injury, he turned up to training the next day and “Pretended to do the warm up, then pretended he’d done his hamstring in the warm-up and limped off.

“We’d done it [his hamstring] in the night before down the pub!”

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