Meet the darts Wags cheering on their partners at the Cazoo World Championships, from an ex-walk-on girl to a mum of two

THE Cazoo World Championships is underway at Alexandra Palace.

Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright is looking to defend the title he won against Michael Smith last time out, but will face stern competition from world No1 Gerwyn Price. Marsh-Wade is a former a walk-in and darts Wag[/caption]

Glam Sammi is married to James Wade

As well as fans clad in fancy dress, expect the player’s Wags and families to be cheering on their loved ones.

Darts Wags include a former walk-in girl, mum of two and childhood sweetheart.

Sammi Marsh-Wade

Marsh-Wade, now 33, has been married to James Wade since 2015.

The gorgeous blonde is a former walk-in girl and glamour model, and now mum of their two kids – Arthur and Alfred.

When they initially got together, James – who is said to be worth around £3million – had to deny she was only with him for his money.

“All the doubters had to shut up when they realised we were so strong – she is my rock,” he revealed.

Kayley Jones

Beautiful Jones, 28, is the partner of world No5 Luke Humphries.

From Cheshire, she is a proud housewife of two kids, Rowan and Gracie.

She lives a low-key existence and has 576 followers on Instagram.

The pair have reportedly been together since they were teenagers.

Kayley Jones from Cheshire is a housewife and mum of two

Jones is the partner of world No5 Luke Humphries

Sarah Lewis

In 2012, Sarah, 35, and Adrian Lewis tied the knot after previously dating when they were much younger.

Amazingly, he was blasted over his plans to wed her by Sarah’s horrified husband of the time.

But after she divorced Mark Welch, the pair tied the knot at Cheshire’s posh Peckforton Castle.

Her hubby Adrian has pedigree – being a two-time World Championship winner in 2011 and 2012.

Sarah Lewis, 35, dated Adrian Lewis when they were much youngerTwitter

Adrian Lewis tied the knot with Sarah in 2012

Daphne Van Gerwen

Michael Van Gerwen married Daphne in 2014 in their native Holland.

She is a former hairdresser and regular at the World Championships – having seen her husband win the tournament three times.

The pair have two children together, Zoe and Mike.

With over 26,000 followers on Instagram, she uses the platform as her own personal blog – showing off her glam life to fans, including holidays in Ibiza and trips to Disneyland. Van Gerwen is the most popular darts Wag[/caption] Van Gerwen and Daphne married in 2014[/caption]

Bethan Price

Incredibly, Bethan and Gerwyn Price have been together since they were lovestruck at 17.

Price even shared a photo of them dressed up like pirates on his Instagram to his 200,000 followers.

They have two daughters – Emily and Bethany.

Price, who has been a divisive figure on the oche, once revealed Emily was disgustingly the victim of online bullying.

He then asked his followers to slam the perpetrator and called for them to be banned from Twitter.

World No1 Gerwyn Price poses with Wag Bethan

The Prices have been together since they were just 17

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