Meet Nigerian Actress Who Engages In Physical Fights With ‘Agberos’, Says She’s Garage Girl

‘Abi dem no tell you say I be Garage girl?’ these were the words of a Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing after engaging in a physical fight with some hoodlums during a movie shoot in Abeokuta.

Naija News reports that she stated this after clashing with street touts who came to disrupt the movie set during a shoot in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Describing her ordeal, the Nollywood actress in the video shared on her Instagram page, was captured confronting one of the street thugs who wanted to fight and beat her up.

Angrily venting, the actress said; ‘‘You came on my set, turned off my Generator and disrupted my shoot, without asking for anything, and you expect me to still give you money after that?”

She also described the thugs as jobless, raining curses on them.

She was also seen trying to ram her car into two of the touts for disrupting her shoot.

The jobless twat said his useless wife came to wake him up from sleep that Nkechi blessing is filming in Abeokuta,so he came on purpose..Your body go tell you sha e sure!!! My car I can fix easily but your body go tell you…If you had asked for anything before turning off my gen is a diff thing entirely,I resemble Butty for you eye? Abi dem no tell you say I be Garage girl few weeks ago?” She vented angrily

The actress also shared photos and videos of some of the crew members who sustained injuries during the fight.


This article was originally published on Nigeria News