Mary Njoku Reveals What Happens To People When They Become Succesful

Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku has revealed what happens when a person from a poor background becomes successful.

Njoku took to her Instagram page to state that when a person finally hits gold the people around them would find it hard to believe they came from the same place because of their own stagnancy.

She insisted that all the love and support you would get would most probably come from people you don’t know.

She said: “find it hard to accept that you came from the same place because they are still there.”

36-year-old Njoku has starred in and produced many movies including Thy will be done, Husband of Lagos, Single ladies and Festac town.

In other news, Gambian actress and producer, Princess Shyngle has offered a controversial solution to women with cheating husbands.

She stated that when a man knows that if he cheats on his wife, she would do the same, then he would definitely rethink his action.

She advised women to retaliate by cheating on their husbands if they slept with other women.

She maintained that this method would also lead to a reduction in the divorce rate.

She said: “My little advice to all married women, if they cheat, also cheat back .”

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This article was originally published on Naija News