Martin Brundle’s Sky Sports F1 grid interviews Walk of Shame from dismissive Pep Guardiola to bizarre Machine Gun Kelly

MARTIN BRUNDLE’S iconic grid interviews have become a much-loved part of the build-up to a Grand Prix.

The Sky Sports reporter is given the tough task of chasing celebrities around the track prior to the race.

Sky SportsMartin Brundle has been awkwardly snubbed by celebs countless times[/caption]

GettyThe broadcasting hero is loved by F1 fans[/caption]

Brundle has become a master of pushing his way to the front over the years and has had brilliant chats with the likes of David Beckham, Ed Sheeran, Will Smith and Kylie Minogue to name a few.

However, the broadcasting legend does not always get so lucky and occasionally has to do the walk of shame away from a star if they snub his interview attempt.

SunSport take a look back at some of the most awkward and dismissive encounters we have seen.

Machine Gun Kelly

The American’s chat with Brundle was one of the most uncomfortable watches in the 2023 season.

After initially struggling to get particularly interesting answers from MGK, he asked the rapper about his own music career, only for him to respond by demanding the presenter does an air guitar.

Brundle refused and Machine Gun Kelly stormed off and gave the cameras a thumbs down.

Fans called it the “most awkward interview ever” and the ever-confident host joked: “I don’t think I’ll be on his Christmas card list”.

Sky SportsMGK did not enjoy his time with Brundle[/caption]

Cara Delevingne

Brundle approached the model and actress last year but got a firm “no”.

He swiftly hit back, saying: “The deal is that everybody has to talk on the grid.”

Delevingne then claimed she couldn’t hear anything and by that point Brundle gave up and had the last laugh as he brutally quipped sarcastically: “I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.”

Sky sports Brundle brutally hit back at Cara Delevingne[/caption]


Megan Thee Stallion

One of Brundle’s most iconic grid moments came when he tried to speak to Megan Thee Stallion.

He was swatted away by heavy-handed bodyguards before being invited in by the rap sensation herself.

Brundle shouted “I think she is happy” before being rudely barged by another member of her entourage.

After getting criticism off one of Megan’s team, the F1 legend laughed: “I can do that because I just did.”

Pep Guardiola

The Manchester City manager turned into a man of few words as the 64-year-old presenter approached him.

Guardiola claimed he had already spoke to Sky Sports multiple times at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2022.

Brundle then asked the Spaniard a question about City, but he replied: “No talking about football today.”

Thinking on his feet, he then tried to chat about F1 but the manager simply walked off before he was moved on by security.

sky sportsGuardiola snubbed Brundle and walked off[/caption]

Brad Pitt

Guardiola is joined in the walk away club by Pitt.

The Hollywood legend snubbed Brundle ahead of the US Grand Prix last year despite him trying to get answers about his upcoming film based on F1.

Pitt seemed to have no time for interviews as he wondered off up the grid.

Brundle later revealed he got an apology from the actor, who was unaware of his cult hero status in the sport.

He said: “Got a note from Brad Pitt explaining what happened with our near miss on the Austin grid. Unnecessary, but nice of him.

“Absolutely nobody is obliged to talk to me on the grid, but as I endeavour to make 10/12 minutes of live and unscripted sports TV I’m obliged to at least ask.”

Brad Pitt later apologised to Martin Brundle

Williams sisters

Venus was slammed by some F1 fans for not even acknowledging Brundle as he tried to get a few words from the tennis hero in 2016.

And he had similar misfortune with Serena as she awkwardly gestured with a wave that she didn’t fancy a chat years after his sister’s encounter.

Brundle did not let the snubbing get under his skin, saying: “It’s a double fault, it’s a double fault.”

China GP stewards

In a bizarre turn of events in 2007, Brundle was seemingly booted off the grid on his way to locate Jenson Button.

He was intercepted by two stewards that then attempted to block his path.

Brundle and the staff had a blazing row live on TV as raged: “You can’t do that.”

However, he was not allowed to continue and had to turn back after being ushered away.

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