Power is indeed transient. Senator Rochas Okorocha, the immediate past governor of Imo state, can testify to the transience of power, just like the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola can now attest to how power can redefine any man.

I was moved to tears when I watched a video online, how one of the aides of Governor Hope Uzodima, the current governor of Imo state was rough handling Okorocha over an issue that could be settled on a telephone conversation between the man of today and yesterday’s man.

Okorocha failed to understand that the governor or any of his surrogates could truly use his office to drag him down like a common commoner; he thought that once a governor is always a governor, but the incumbent shows him that his power had gone with the wind of yesterday.

I am sure he must have had another thought at the police headquarters of the state where he was detained briefly before he was released. His offense: his hotel was sealed and he went there to unseal it (on the surface) the reality is that politics of the gladiators is turning to a battle royale.

In a related development, it was reported that, the so called “Progressives” patriarch, Pa Bisi Akande had twice summoned Osun state governor, Mr Gboyega Oyetola and Aregbesola together for heart to heart discussion and resolution of their differences.

However, I am of opinion that their differences are becoming irreconcilable, and the songs that precede war had begun in earnest.

I am still investigating what could have come between once upon a time a Principal and his Chief of Staff; the duo were together as boss and subordinate for eight years, and the ascendancy of Oyetola should have been taken as natural succession, but what is playing out now is a complete opposite of it.

I am not surprised that Uzodima of Imo chose to treat Okorocha with contempt, because it was obvious that the latter never wanted the former to succeed him; he worked assiduously for his son-Inlaw, before he lost out of the power game midwifed by Adam Oshiomole who was bundled out later.

But I am surprise that Oyetola would pick gauntlets against Aregbesola openly.

There must have been something that really pissed him off about his former Principal, because he seems battle-ready for the Ijesha born politician.

Patenting his deep seated grouse, Oyetola went for the “common enemy” of the so called “Progressives”- Iyiola Omisore, and the way the Ife born politician is being celebrated by the governor and and his aides suggests that the Iragbiji born Insurance expert turned politician has found a replacement for Aregbesola in his reelection strategy.

Meanwhile, Aregbesola, a known political warrior has sent an electric signal to the air that the battle ahead would be profound. The question is, can Omisore be an asset or liability to Gov Oyetola?

…to be continued.