Logan Paul denies being ‘on STEROIDS’ and demands Dillon Danis be checked for STDs as drug testing row explodes

LOGAN PAUL has denied being “on steroids” following the news he’s yet to have been drug tested ahead of his boxing match with Dillon Danis.

The social sensation is just weeks away from throwing down with the MMA star in a grudge match in Manchester.

DAZNLogan Paul is set to throw down with Dillon Danos in a boxing match next month[/caption]

TWITTER@MRBEASTDanis has accused the YouTuber-turned-boxing of being on performance-enhancing drugs[/caption]

APPaul has vehemently denied being “on steroids”[/caption]

Danis has accused the YouTuber-turned-boxer of taking performance-enhancing drugs – despite him never failing a pre-fight drugs test.

He recently told controversial streamer Adin Ross: “He’s on a piece. Bro, have you ever seen him?

“He’s f***ing juicy as t***s. I was asking him, ‘Where do you inject it?

“Your a** or your back?”

Paul has taken exception to the notion of being on PEDS, saying on his podcast: “I’m not on steroids, I’m not on steroids.

“I don’t know how many times I need to clarify this.”

Danis – a long-time pal of UFC superstar Conor McGregor – recently revealed that he and Paul haven’t been tested ahead of their October 14 cash.

Paul, 28, insists he’s more than happy to be drug tested – so long as Danis submits to an STD test.

He said: “I don’t know why we aren’t doing VADA testing.


“The conversation was never had with me. I’m more than happy to do it

“I do have one request: Dillon laughed at me at the face-to-face. But if I do a drug test, I want him to do an STD test.

“I’m just curious to see what’s going to show up. He laughed at me, he played it off.

“He wasn’t interested in doing that. I wonder why. Watcha got?”

Paul is no stranger to denying PED use, saying during an appearance on comedian Andrew Schulz’s podcast: “Shut the f*** up – guys.

“I think honestly it’s because I drink Prime. The conversation [about drug testing] never happened.

“I said ‘Dillon, you want to do your f***ing USADA testing, I’ll do an USADA test.

“‘You take an STD test and the results are public.’”

The build-up to the pair’s fight has been dominated by Danis’ relentless targeting of Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal on social media.

The Bellator star has repeatedly shared photos of the Danish model with her former partners.

Agdal was recently granted a restraining order against the New Yorker after claiming his targeted campaign caused her to suffer ” humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm”.

In her lawsuit, she also accused Danis of sharing hacked content from her Snapchat and a private photograph from a “romantic encounter” with a former partner ten years ago.

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