Lingerie model and boxer Little Bellsy had ‘boobs tested’ before Misfits fight against Love Island star AJ Bunker

LITTLE BELLSY has revealed that she has had to have her boobs tested before her fight with AJ Bunker.

The lingerie model faces the Love Island star in a Misfits 009 clash in Newcastle on Saturday.

Instagram @littlebellsyLittle Bellsy had to have her boobs tested before her next boxing match[/caption]

Instagram @littlebellsyThe lingerie model is a part of the influencer boxing scene[/caption]

Instagram @littlebellsyHer next fight is on Saturday[/caption]

GettyShe is fighting Love Island star AJ Bunker[/caption]

Bellsy – real name Donna Preusker – had to have her breast implants checked out ahead of the press conference this week.

The tests meant that she had to miss out on some training time.

During the press conference, Donna said: “I had to get these mother f***ing titties tested to make sure I could actually fight, you mother f***ing b****.”

Donna and AJ will bout for the Misfits middleweight championship at 125 pounds.

AJ herself resisted the inspection as it was set to take six hours, however, Donna told her to “sit back down”.

The remainder of the press conference remained respectful ahead of the fight at the Vertu Motors Arena.

There was some more drama during the press conference as OnlyFans star Elle Brooke gatecrashed it.

Elle seemed to take a particular interest in this fight due to her history with Bunker, having beaten her in July 2022.

Instagram @littlebellsyLittle Bellsy’s real name is Donna Preusker[/caption]

Instagram @littlebellsyLittle Bellsy had to miss out on training for the test[/caption]

Instagram @littlebellsyLittle Bellsy has a big online following[/caption]

As Bunker faced off with Bellsy, with KSI holding a belt in the background, Elle stormed onto the stage.

Donna’s career launched in May 2022, when she won an amateur fight against Instagram influencer Papi Katarina.

AJ, 30, comes into the fight having lost her last bout against Astrid Wett back in March.

She also lost to Elle Brooke after beating Tasha Kiran in her debut back in November 2022.

Instagram @littlebellsyShe has over 91k followers on Instagram[/caption]

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