Obi came and met a state completely broken down – insecurity in absolute Lawlessness. Armed robbers, ‘NATO’ and other gangs masquerading as massob were holding the state on the jugulars. Police services were not in existence, just extortion and intimidation, and under the complete control of rogue politicians and criminal gangs. No one was safe.

Businesses were dying. Many important government complexes and offices were burnt down, including the governor’s office and lodge. Governance was inexistent. Infact the governor was squatting in people’s homes from where he was ruling till he rebuilt the lodges and offices. Brigands and criminals were in power. Obi simply knew he couldn’t perform without first bringing back the rule of law and order.

He made it a priority to equip and fund the police and the army to do their constitutional duties – among which must have been to clear the streets of all criminals and and gangs. He also worked to get a naval base in Onitsha of which he also helped to fund. It’s on record that Obi as governor funded the security agencies in the state more than any other state during his time.

With adequate encouragement, the security forces swung into action. Obi made sure he reformed and heavily funded the justice department of the state to aid the security agencies in their efforts- to make sure that justice ruled. The record is there. In fact he rebuilt about everything in the state and got the state on the progressive footing. Of course, every local police know the real criminals in their areas. When encouraged you always see them swinging into action to round them up.

 Now, the actual tactic or strategy employed are the prerogative of the police department. For the governor cannot be expected to be sleeping in police stations monitoring what they do on daily basis. That’s why we have DPOs, Commanders and commissioners. The attempts to smear the gentleman can only be selfish and political. All that’s needed is for his accusers to bring out any evidence that he ordered the killing of the innocent to get him prosecuted. Otherwise, only daft would believe this nonsense.