KSI plans to place outrageous £1MILLION bet on himself to beat Tommy Fury as he eyes stunning upset KO of Love Islander

KSI wants to sensationally up the stakes for his grudge match with Tommy Fury – with a whopping £1million bet on himself.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer locks horns with the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson in an eagerly-anticipated influencer showdown next month.

GETTYKSI faces Tommy Fury in an influencer showdown on October 14[/caption]

PAThere is plenty of bad blood between the pair[/caption]

PAKSI wants to bet £1million on himself to win the grudge match[/caption]

Social media sensation KSI – real name Olajide Olatunji – goes into his showdown with Tommy as a huge underdog.

But to say he’s brimming with confidence ahead of the Manchester melee would be an understatement.

During a live stream with the controversial Adin Ross, he said: “I’m trying to put a million down on myself.”

KSI quickly revealed that bookmakers will allow him to bet on himself, just not the eyewatering figure he wants to lay down.

The 30-year-old said: “First of all, a lot of the things, trying to put in that amount, just won’t let me.

“They’re like 5k maximum.”

He added: “I can bet on myself. I just can’t bet on the round.

“So, yeah I think I’m going to have to try and find a way to do it through people or I don’t know.


“But then it’s just dodgy so I’m like I don’t know if I want to just do it or if I just leave it.

“I’m going to just put on whatever I can.”

Form Love Island star Fury goes into his punch-up with KSI on the back of a split-decision win over Jake Paul in February.

And he hopes a demolition of KSI will put an end to the influencer boxing scene once and for all.

He told Sky Sports: “That’s my plan for this year.

“I want to end YouTube boxing within twelve months. So that’s my plan. So we’ll see.”

He continued: “I don’t know. I take it one fight at a time. All these guys are the same to me.

“There’s not one that stands out from the rest. They’re all about the same.

“So anyone can get it. I’m not bothered.

“I’m used to growing up fighting against proper boxers. These guys are a bit of a joke.”

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