KSI forced to deny X-rated Prime drink advert is real after YouTuber and Logan Paul mocked by fighters and fans

KSI was forced to deny an X-rated Prime drink advert was real after he was mocked.

The UFC announced that Prime teamed up with KSI and Logan Paul as the new official sports drink of the MMA.

PrimeLogan Paul and KSI at the launch of their partnership with Prime[/caption]

After the partnership with the drink was confirmed, KSI said: “What Logan Paul and I have achieved with Prime is simply mind blowing.

“2 YouTubers with a dream, and now we’ve turned it into reality. Prime sponsors Arsenal FC and now the UFC.

“What a time to be alive man.”

But a fake ad has since been doing the rounds.

The picture showed KSI in a pink jumper taking a sip of a bottle near Paul’s lower half in an embarrassing position.

KSI quickly revealed that it was in fact not real.

The snap got posted to him on Twitter and he replied: “Tize bro, you know this is fake right? .”

Regardless, fans on social media have loving the made-up photo.


One said: “No wayyyyy .”

A second said: “Don’t let him lie this is real haha.”

A third said: “Na he told me this is 100% real no questions asked.”

Another replied: “I don’t know man it looks pretty real to me.”

The ad KSI claimed had been photoshopped which had Twitter users in hysterics

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