KSI confirms talks are officially underway for massive Jake Paul fight with venues being eyed for YouTube grudge match

KSI has confirmed talks to fight Jake Paul are officially underway.

The pair of bitter YouTube rivals have feuded ever since both deciding to step foot in the ring.

GettyKSI has confirmed talks to fight Jake Paul are officially underway[/caption]

Jake Paul and KSI have long feuded each otherRex

But KSI revealed opposing camps are directly in discussions for a massive grudge match next year with venues currently being eyed.

He told SunSport: “We’re working on negotiations.

“I don’t want to say the venue but we’re looking at certain venues and yeah, we are talking. 

“We’re talking now and it’s going to take about a year for the fight to happen.

“It’s going to take a while to happen but we’re making sure it actually happens.”

KSI, 29, beat Paul’s brother Logan, 27, when the two turned professional for their 2019 rematch, having drawn a year before.

The former opponents turned business partners after later launching hydration drink Prime.

But there is no love lost for younger brother Jake, 25, who is out to settle the family score.


The American is 6-0 himself, most recently beating UFC legend Anderson Silva, 47, in the biggest win of his career.

Paul has voiced lofty ambitions of winning boxing world titles and even beating Mexican legend Canelo Alvarez, 32.

But for KSI, his sole aim is to take down his arch nemesis and claimed he will RETIRE once doing so.

He said: “For me my main goal is Jake Paul and I don’t want to fight Jake Paul instantly because I know once I fight him and beat him then it’s done. 

“I wouldn’t want to fight anymore because I wouldn’t have any more goals in boxing, I would have achieved what I strived for. ”

The sworn enemies are primed to put their unbeaten records and reputations on the line in 2023 if they avoid losing in the interim.

But KSI admitted he cannot bring himself to support Paul winning, even if it means missing out on the chance to break his streak.

He said: “For me if Jake loses, I’ll fight the person that beats Jake. And then I’d leave it at that. 

“That’s where I’m at. If Anderson Silva beat Jake, I’d be like, ‘OK, let me fight Anderson Silva.’ 

“I think that’s the mindset. I just despise Jake so much that I could just never be in his corner.

“If Jake does carry on winning, I guess you can say it just hypes up our fight in the end.” 

Jake Paul and KSI are in talks to fight in 2023GETTY

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