Kissing Scandal: Jenni Hermoso Files Legal Complaint Against Spain’s FA President

2023 Women’s World Cup winner, Jenni Hermoso has filed a legal complaint against suspended Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales over the viral kissing scandal.

Rubiales allegedly kissed Hermoso without her consent after Spain won the World Cup. However, Rubiales claimed the kiss was “mutual” and “consensual”, a claim the Women’s World Cup winner has refuted.

Due to the ongoing kissing scandal, the world football governing body, FIFA has suspended the Spain’s FA president for 90 days as the football body resumed disciplinary procedure against him.

Also, the National Sports Tribunal of Spain (TAD) deemed that he had committed a “serious offense” when he kissed Hermoso and opened a misconduct investigation against him.

On August 29, Spanish prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation to assess whether the kissing incident qualifies as a crime of sexual assault.

Spain’s top criminal court announced at the time that it had started an investigation into the comments of 33-year-old Hermoso concerning the kissing scandal.

Her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault will also be explained to her by legal counsel, who will be in touch with her “to give her the option of legal action, giving her the chance to contact National Court prosecutors within 15 days should she wish to file a complaint”.

A statement from the national prosecutors read, “Given the public statements made by Jennifer Hermoso, the sexual act she was subjected to by Luis Rubiales was not consensual.

“To proceed with a case for sexual assault, harassment or sexual abuse, it will be necessary for the injured party or their legal representative to file suit, or the public prosecutor’s office.”

Hermoso has officially tendered the complaint which means that the kissing scandal will now be treated as a criminal offence.

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