Kinley Legal is Helping Nigerian Entrepreneurs Settle in Europe

Kinley Legal is Helping Nigerian Entrepreneurs Settle in Europe

Immigration law firm, Kinley Legal, has launched a service to help entrepreneurs in Nigeria who would like to relocate and set up a business in one of Europe’s most cherished islands, the Isle of Man, a British Crown Dependency with direct access to the United Kingdom.

The Isle of Man is a small and economically thriving country between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Known for its rugged coastline and medieval castles, the island is a low-tax economy, with significant support for home-grown businesses.

Multinational companies such as KPMG, Barclays, Standard Bank, Lloyds, PwC, HSBC, PokerStars and Microgaming, among many others chose the Island country for major operational offices, due to the great business environment, and a very stable economy.

The government of the Isle of Man, and its agencies, also have grants lined up for newly arrived or newly established businesses – including those owned by arriving entrepreneurs from Nigeria. There are also opportunities for entrepreneurs to join existing businesses.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Isle of Man’s Department for Enterprise, the co-ordinating body for business and commerce, announced an immigration plan for innovators and startups, which makes it possible for entrepreneurs from any part of the world to become residents of the Island.

According to Christopher Kinley, the Managing Director at Kinley Legal,

“the company intends to bring its expertise in facilitating seamless immigration plans to help interested Nigerians take advantage of the available immigration routes and move to the Isle of Man, doing business in the United Kingdom and beyond”.

Called the Start Up and Innovator routes, the basic requirement is that the business idea must be of benefit to the Isle of Man. This is also why Kinley Legal works closely with entrepreneurs to structure their business plans in ways that fit into the Island’s business climate.

In addition to that, there’s a prioritised attention for companies that belong to software and IT, light manufacturing, goods processing, professional consulting, health, beauty and related industries. 

As a fully qualified and insured Isle of Man law firm, and a member of ILPA (the Immigration Law Practitioners Association), Kinley Legal brings the needed network and resources to help interested Nigerians relocate the right way.

Kinley Legal also boasts of having a team of senior immigration lawyers, trusted by hundreds of international and local clients for their professionalism, consistency and attention to detail.

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