John Daly branded ‘the only reason I watch golf’ as fans spot bizarre practice habit to prepare for PGA Championship

FANS declared that John Daly’s cigarette-smoking antics are “the only reason I watch golf” as the icon lit up at the PGA Championship.

Daly, 58, will be one of the stars competing at the Valhalla Golf Course from tomorrow for the epic £16million purse.

John Daly left fans delighted as he puffed a cigarette while playing golf

The icon is preparing for tomorrow’s PGA Championship event

John Daly practicing for the PGA Championship with a heater hanging from his mouth. Legend.

— Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_) May 14, 2024

Brooks Koepka is the current champion after hitting a score of 271 last year.

And Daly will be hoping to dethrone him in order to bag an automatic spot at the next Masters Tournament, US Open and Open Championship.

With the American teeing off at 1.30pm local time tomorrow, he has been gearing up with some practice rounds on the green.

The bearded putter displayed his trademark casual look by pairing a sports jacket with some colourful patterned beach shorts.

But it was his cigarette habit that had fans talking online.

As Daly prepared to take a shot, he lit up a nicotine stick before taking hold of his club with both hands.

The California native then produced a fine shot as he continued to puff away hands-free.

After hitting the ball, Daly then examined another club while still smoking on the course.


He was then presented with a golf ball to sign, and duly took the pen in one hand while clinging on to his cigarette with the other.

Daly’s smoking habit is well known by those in golf, with the ace working his way through several packs a day.

His diet isn’t much better, as Daly loves to chow down on McDonald’s and chocolate while guzzling multiple cans of Diet Coke.

And fans declared Daly’s brilliant persona was one of the main reasons they were tuning in for this weekend’s PGA clash.

One said: “He is the only reason I watch golf. He is fun to watch and I love to hear his stories about drinking all night long and going out playing the next day.”

Another declared: “Peak male athletic performance right there.”

One noted: “I’ve always loved this guy.”

Another added: “The gesture of holding a cigarette in his mouth is cool.”

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