Joe Joyce explains how his bizarre SKATEBOARD tactic is helping him ahead of crunch rematch with Zhilei Zhang

JOE JOYCE is looking to come out on top this time as he faces Zhilei Zhang in their rematch tonight.

And the heavyweight fighter has taken an unusual measure to ensure a victory, resorting to the use of an electric skateboard.

ReutersJoe Joyce has revealed how a one-wheeled skateboard has helped him overcome his loss to Zhilei Zhang in April[/caption]

YouTube / Frank Warren’s Queensberry PromotionsJoyce rides the electric board to help clear his head[/caption]

YouTube / Frank Warren’s Queensberry PromotionsThe unusual tactic has helped him prepare for his rematch with Zhang[/caption]

GettyJoyce takes on Zhang at Wembley Arena tonight[/caption]

Joyce lost to Zhang back in April in what was the 38-year-old’s first professional loss, but he has found a new way to clear his head after the heartbreak of losing his unbeaten record.

Instead of going for a stroll or zoning out to some music, he has instead been heading out on his one-wheel skateboard.

Speaking to the Daily Star about what’s helped him move past the defeat, he said: “I got out in nature on my one wheel skateboard thing, that helped me,

“Going to see family and friends. Reviewing the footage as well and seeing where I went wrong. It wasn’t that I was thinking, it was a distraction and something to feel good about and enjoy.

“I have hobbies away from boxing, I swim, dive, cycle and the one wheel is my new thing. It helps me take my mind off it and enjoy life. It means it’s not boxing, boxing, boxing.”

The Putney Juggernaut hasn’t just had a mental change before the fight, but also a massive physical transformation.

He has gained almost 2 STONE since his last bout with Zhang in the hopes of tipping the scales closer into his favour.

Joyce was 18st 4lbs for the original fight earlier this year, but is now weighing in at an impressive 20st 1lbs for the Wembley Arena re-run.


Joyce has added some serous weight ahead of the fight with the scales setting him at 20st 1lbsRex

ReutersZhang has also come in heavy at 20st 7lbs[/caption]

But it’s not just the Englishman who’s piled on the pounds with Zhang hitting 20st 7lbs ahead of the eagerly anticipated fight.

The Chinese southpaw will be hoping for a repeat of last time’s fight when he showed complete dominance against Joyce and left his right eye shut.

Despite the haunting memories of April’s disappointment, Joyce is confident his new weight can help him tonight.

He said: “I knew the weight was a little bit light last time.

“This time I’ve corrected all the mistakes and been more conscious of what I’ve been eating and the way I’m training.

“I’m in a lot better a place, physically, mentally and also with my focus and drive to win this time.

“I believe I’ll get victory in this fight. I can stop him if I hit him with the right shots.”

GettyJoyce suffered heartbreak in April and saw his right eye sealed shut from heavy blows to the face[/caption]

Zhang wound up victorious in the pair’s first meetingRichard Pelham / The Sun

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