Jeff Bezos Massive Wealth Is Reminding Us Again

Jeff Bezos Massive Wealth Is Reminding Us Again

Jeff Bezos massive wealth is reminding us again especially Nigerian Christians thst wealth is not gotten from tithing or fasting.

You can pay all the tithe to your pastor but you can never make the kind of wealth that Jeff has at the moment even if you pay tithe from now till next 30 years to your favourite pastor.

The universe does not reward you with wealth because you are righteous, go to church every Sunday, pay tithe or you fear God.

All these metrics though important in our race to make heaven but it is very insignificant when it comes to scheme of things.

I once made this point and I need to emphasize it again.

Last year, Jeff dated a married woman Lauren who was legally married to her husband but she was sleeping with Jeff.

That indiscretion though not acceptable in the eyes of God because it is adultery but it did not affect Jeff in any way neither did it affect his monstrous wealth.


At the moment, he is the first human being to be worth over $200 billion.

Jeff Bezoz is rich because his mission when he started Amazon at his adopted parents garage was to solve a problem and the universe realigned in his favour and rewarded him by making him the richest man ever.

My generation needs to understand this.

Money is not a reward of being holy and virtuous rather it is a reward for offering a value, solving a problem and meeting a need.

Don’t forget also that time and chance happened to Jeff even as he originally wanted to solve a problem in the retail industry. Amazon would have failed if time and chance did not happen to him.

We need to understand this important life principle so we will not repeat the mistake that our parents did.

It is important.

Do have a productive Thursday every one.