Jamie Carragher slams Fifa’s 32-team Club World Cup as ‘ridiculous’ and says players are ‘treated like cattle’

LIVERPOOL legend Jamie Carragher has slammed Fifa’s 32-team Club World Cup as “ridiculous” and says players are being “treated like cattle”.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino revealed the controversial 2025 plans on Friday as they look to compete with Uefa’s Champions League.

Carragher has slammed plans for a 32-team Club World CupGetty

GettyInfantino insists player welfare is being considered[/caption]

It means the Fifa-run club tournament will more than quadruple in size from the current format with seven sides.

The world football governing body initially wanted to increase the size of the Club World Cup from seven teams to 24 for China in 2021 – before the pandemic hit.

Big clubs have already rejected the proposal – and the Premier League has also followed suit.

And Liverpool legend Carragher has taken aim at Infantino and Co, saying players “need rest at some point”, and that they’re being “treated like cattle”.

Carragher also slammed the idea of a 32-team Club World Cup as “ridiculous” after recently discussing the possibility of a World Cup every two years.

The Champions League winner fumed: “Like the ridiculous idea of the @FIFAWorldCup every two years, this is another one from Infantino.

“Players need rest at some point, they are getting treated like cattle.

“FIFA hate the Champions League and want something similar themselves. 


“European clubs should boycott it.”

However, Infantino says Fifa are considering “the health and wellbeing of players” in their decision to create and expand competitions.

In his lengthy press conference, Infantino said: “We have to take into consideration the health and wellbeing of players.

“We need to ensure there is a rest period for players, a holiday period, ideally 72 hours between games.

“Of course we need to be pragmatic on these topics. We will now consult on all these topics and elaborate.”