James Milner reveals Lionel Messi ‘went MAD’ and called him a ‘donkey’ in sensational tunnel rant

LIVERPOOL star James Milner has revealed how Lionel Messi “went mad” and called him a “donkey”.

The unbelievable rant came in the Nou Camp tunnel when the World Cup winner reacted angrily to a heavy challenge from Milner during the Champions League semi-final back in 2019.

Getty – ContributorLionel Messi took his anger out on James Milner[/caption]

Getty – ContributorThe clash happened in the Champions League semi-final[/caption]

The 36-year-old has revealed all in an interview with Ben Foster for Prime Video Sport.

Milner said: “He’s [Messi] incredible obviously, and for me the best ever.

“I feel like players like that have their own way and, give them too much respect, they are going to run the game.

“Sometimes you have to let them know you’re there and knock them out their stride. He didn’t like it and was giving me a bit in Spanish.”

Little did Messi know, Milner speaks good Spanish and understood the abuse being shouted at him.

Milner continued: “He’s obviously called me the word for donkey, but it also translates to kicking people.

“We’re going up the tunnel and he’s going mad at half-time saying ‘just because I megged you.’

“I mean he can say what he wants, it turned out well in the second leg.”


Messi channelled his half-time aggression at the Nou Camp, scoring two goals as Barca won 3-0.

In the end, Milner did have the last laugh as Liverpool came back in the second leg to win 4-0 thanks to goals from Divock Origi and Georgino Wijnaldum.

And Liverpool went on to win the final against Tottenham.