Jake Paul vows to cut his own ‘D**K’ off’ if KSI agrees to fight him and claims Brit is “using” his name for promotion

JAKE PAUL has claimed he’ll cut off his “D**K” if YouTube sensation KSI agrees to fight him.

A grudge match between the YouTubers-turned-boxers has been on the cards for nearly three years – ever since Paul defeated KSI’s brother Deji.

Jake Paul and KSI have been at loggerheads for the best part of three yearsGETTY

KSI recently made his return to boxingGETTY

And Paul has claimed he’ll cut off his own penis if KSI agrees to fight himREX

The pair have repeatedly thrown verbal jabs in person and on social media – stoking their respective fans’ interest in a potential bout.

But Paul doesn’t believe KSI – real name Olajide Williams – will ever face him – so much so he has claimed he’d chop off his genitals if the Brit steps up to the plate.

He told Adin Ross: “If KSI ever fights me, bro, I will cut my d**k off. Honestly, because it’s never going to happen.

“It’s never going to happen, bro. He’s a smart kid and he knows that I would literally f*****g knock him out.

“He keeps using me and all this for promotion and it’s smart.

“But I promise you, and I’ve said it since before my first professional fight, I promise you he’s never going to fight me.”

KSI returned to the ring in August for back-to-back fights on the same night – ending a near three-year hiatus from action.

And Paul believes KSI has focused his energy on boxing again because of his “failed” music career.


He said: “At the end of the day, his music career failed.

“So now, he’s looking for some other shit and that’s why he’s getting back into boxing. Clear as day bro.”

Despite a fight with Paul not coming to fruition KSI is adamant he’ll face The Problem Child before he hangs up his gloves.

He said: “I figured it out, you guys will not be happy until I fight Jake Paul.

“So that’s why I don’t see the eagerness for you to want me to fight Jake Paul so quickly.

“I said I’m going to fight him in 2023, the only reason I’ve come back into the boxing scene is to fight Jake Paul and beat him.

“So I don’t really understand why people are complaining about the people that I fight.

“Why don’t we just enjoy the journey? Enjoy the ride because ladies and gentlemen, once I fight Jake Paul, I’m done.

“I’m not boxing any more, I would have solidified my legacy and then I’m hanging up the gloves forever.

“So why do we want to rush that?”

KSI is hellbent on fighting Jake Paul before he stops boxingGETTY