Jake Paul and Tommy Fury could be lined up for blockbuster rematch due to contract clause for Saudi Arabia grudge match

JAKE PAUL and Tommy Fury could be lined up for a blockbuster rematch due to a clause in their contract.

The pair of celebrity boxing rivals have announced the latest rescheduling of their grudge match, on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

PAJake Paul and Tommy Fury ahead of their fight[/caption]

It came after months of speculation and drawn out negotiations between the opposing camps.

Paul confirmed that his deal includes a right to rematch if he is beaten, something not afforded to Fury.

Meaning if the American loses for the first time in the boxing ring, it puts the duo in line for a mega-money sequel.

Paul, 26, also revealed they will fight over eight scheduled rounds, despite rumours of a ten-rounder.

He has twice gone that distance, in points wins over ex-UFC champions Tyron Woodley, 40, and Anderson Silva, 47.

But Fury, 23, has only ever seen the six-round mark, in his last professional victory in April against Daniel Bocianski, 28.

The two will meet in a 185lb catchweight bout, which is 2lb lighter than Paul’s last fight, against Silva.

Fury was 181.4lb in November when he was set to face Paul Bamba, 33, who then withdrew amid a weight disagreement.


Paul confirmed there is a financial penalty in place should either be over the limit in the Middle East.

He said: “There is penalties for not making weight. But Tommy’s light.

“I’m going to make weight, I’m a f***** professional, so I’ll be right on weight.

“Tommy’s a little bit lighter, he’s probably like 190 right now. So he’s probably only cutting like 5lbs.”

Fury has twice pulled out of fighting Paul in the past, with a rib injury in December 2021 and then a US visa issue last August.

The travel woe still persists today and as a result has brought the duo over to the Saudi desert.

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Paul remains sceptical on whether his rival will truly make it to the first bell but has come prepared in case lightening strikes for the THIRD time.

He said: “We have Mike Perry on standby. Let’s go Mike Perry. He’s ready to jump in if Tommy pulls out.”

Ex-UFC welterweight and now bare-knuckle boxer Perry, 31, was considered as an alternative if Paul could not agree terms with Fury.

And the YouTuber-turned pay-per-view prizefighter voiced his concerns over whether the fight will finally happen or not.

Paul said: “A part of me definitely still doubts and it’s scary and it’s annoying and him not showing up to the face to face we were supposed to do right now, it sucks.

“The kid’s not necessarily reliable but the money’s good man, for him.

“So, he would just be so dumb and I think he’s probably just tired of Molly making all the money in the relationship.

“He’s got a kid now so he needs to help pay for some diapers.”

PAJake Paul staring down Tommy Fury in their face off[/caption]

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