Jagun Jagun: Nollywood Actress Shed Tears

Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has revealed that she broke down in tears while watching Femi Adebayo‘s movie titled ‘Jagun Jagun’ (The Warrior), which premiered on Netflix today, 10, August.

Naija News reports that the 2-hour indigenous movie tells the story of a violent and selfish leader of an elite army who is threatened when a mystical young warrior crossed his path.

The young man, a character played by Lateef Adedimeji, was determined to become a mighty warrior, and he joined the elite army, encountering the wrath of the maniacal warlord (Femi Adebayo) and the love of a woman.

Bukunmi said in an Instagram post on Friday that she was only able to watch the movie from start to finish on Thursday night.

She said, “I finally successfully watched JAGUNJAGUN last night. Yeah, last night because, My husband noticed our little sunshine ALWAYS cry whenever she sees or hears me crying on screen. (Should we tell her?) So needed to be sure she is asleep before watching.

“I watched as an audience, And I won’t deny the fact that I cried. And it started from the second scene of @aishalawal1 to the last scene of @iteledicon01 till the later parts of my scenes.”

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