I’ve Never Influenced My Wife All Through Her Career As A Judicial Officer, Says Odili, Ex-Rivers Governor

Former Governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odili, who dominated the affairs of the state from 1999 through 2007, says all through his wife’s career as a judicial officer, he never for once attempted to influence her in any matter.

Odili was speaking during a state banquet in honour of Justice Mary Odili on the occasion of her retirement from the Supreme Court at the Government House, Port Harcourt.

Odili recalled two instances when a late traditional ruler in Port Harcourt and his extended family members from Ndoni approached him to intervene in matters before his wife’s court, but he declined and offered to help them pay their legal fees.

For Governor Nyesom Wike, those accusing judiciary in Nigeria of being corrupt, are not clean themselves.

He noted that while corruption in the judiciary undermines the courts’ credibility, those who often are quick to throw tantrum at judiciary, particularly legal practitioners, are culpable as well.

Wike who was also speaking during the state banquet organised for Justice Odili, on her 70th birthday and retirement from the Supreme Court of Nigeria said, “for me, those who are abusing judiciary of corruption, their hands are not clean.

‘’Anybody who is abusing judiciary or judges, their hands are not clean. But that does not also mean that even you in the judiciary should not keep your house in order. That is the truth.”

At the event, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, described Justice Odili, as an epitome of dignity, hard work, fairness and excellence.

Represented by Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun, of the Supreme Court, he said Justice Odili remains an inspiration to the girl child.

“My lord has shown what is possible with diligence, hard work and integrity. Through you we see that the sky is the limit.”

However, ahead of the 2023 polls, Wike is urging state High Courts to abide by the provisions of the new Electoral Act, which prohibits them from handling pre-election or electoral matters. According to the governor, some State High Courts are already acting in contravention of the law.

“The truth is that the Electoral Act says anything about pre-election or electoral matters, is now to be decided by the Federal High Court.”

He declared that he will remain eternally grateful to Justice Odili, for creating the opportunity for him to meet her husband and former governor when he ventured into active partisan politics in 1998.

The governor reiterated that there is no politician serving at the federal or state level since 1999 that will deny the fact that they did not pass through the tutelage Odili.

He said despite the generosity of Odili and his family, some of those whom they had helped politically, have regrettably betrayed and humiliated them.

“I have never seen a man who has suffered humiliation, I have never seen a man who has suffered betrayal in life like Odili.”

Governor Wike further explained that Odili’s insistence that someone from the Ikwerre extraction should succeed him as governor in 2007, earned him some enemies.

“Dr. Odili biggest problem in this state today, people must know the truth, is because he said Ikwerre man must become governor, that’s it. If any man tells you that Odili has committed any other sin, it’s a lie. It’s just because he said Ikwerre man must become governor.

“Unfortunately, we the Ikwerre people whom he said should be governor are ones that put him in the witness box. But I want to appeal to him, forgive, you are a Christian. You are a Christian, forgive all of us.”

Governor Wike, who recalled how the Odili family suffered blackmail and humiliation because of him, vowed never to grieve or engage in act that will bring them into disrepute.

He reaffirmed that Odili’s fatherly counsel has been one of the reasons why he has succeeded in the governance and transformation of Rivers State since 2015.

Continuing, Odili said, “when I finished being governor and went to Abuja to spend time with her, and a lot of political cases as you know were rolling over each other. All my friends in Abuja know and they tell each other, the moment you have case either at the Court of Appeal when she was there or at the Supreme Court, the access you use to have to come as a personal friend cease until the case is over.”

Odili thanked Governor Wike and the people of Rivers State for honouring his wife after 44 years of meritorious service in the judiciary.

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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