Ivan Toney was on course for 15-month ban but was given shorter suspension because of two reasons

IVAN TONEY was initially on course for a 15-month ban for FA betting breaches, only for it to be subsequently reduced to eight.

The Brentford striker is suspended until January 16 next year following 232 breaches of FA betting regulations.

APIvan Toney is banned from playing until January 16[/caption]

The FA’s full report was released today, revealing the two reasons his ban was cut by nearly half to eight months.

Toney, 27, received a more lenient suspension after pleading guilty to most of the charges brought against him.

It also emerged that Toney has been diagnosed with a gambling addiction, which also played a part in the FA’s decision.

The report reveals that the forward placed 13 bets against his own team between August 2017 and March 2018.

He did not play in any of the matches involved, however, and 11 of them were against his parent club Newcastle, while he was on loan at Wigan.

Toney admitted lying to the FA during his first interview regarding betting charges.

The England international bet on himself to score on nine separate occasions.

While he also informed a friend that he’d be starting his team’s next match in March 2018.

After the FA’s report was released, Toney tweeted: “I’ll speak soon with no filter.”

His club swiftly released a statement on the matter, which read: “Brentford FC has received and accepted the written reasons of an independent Regulatory Commission that handed Ivan Toney an eight-month ban from all football and football-related activity after he admitted breaches of FA Rule E8, relating to placing bets on football.

“The judgement has been published on the FA website. Ivan and Brentford FC accept that offences were committed, and sanctions were inevitable.

“The commission noted that none of the charges related to events where Ivan could negatively impact his own team.”

While Toney is banned from playing until January 16, he will be allowed to return to training on September 17.

England boss Gareth Southgate, who handed Toney his Three Lions debut in March, revealed his concerns at the nature of the Brentford star’s ban.

He said: “Not being allowed to play is one thing but not being allowed to be within the football community, we have to be really careful how we do that.

“He accepted the punishment. What bothers me is we must look after people. He’s injured, what does he do about getting fit?

“How do we give him structure over the next few months so he can be a better person at the end?

“I don’t like the idea we leave somebody so they aren’t allowed to be part of the football community.

“I don’t think that’s how the best rehabilitation programmes would work.

“I’m not questioning the decision on the ban. I’m thinking about the player and how I help them.”

GettyGareth Southgate gave Ivan Toney his England debut in March[/caption]