Is It Proper For A Lady To Build A House Of Her Own Before Getting Married If She Can Afford It?

Is It Proper For A Lady To Build A House Of Her Own Before Getting Married If She Can Afford It?

One of the frequent questions in most Ladies Lips 💋 is….
Is it proper for a Lady to build a house of her own before getting married if she can afford it?
And should the Lady tell her fiancée or keep it a secret?

DEAR Sister, please be attentive to this,
You are first created Single and for a purpose before God saw there is a need for you?

Please understand this concept, you weren’t created for marriage rather you are created because there is a need for Marriage, hope you get that?
Which means, God created you for a purpose and to fulfill that purpose as well, before Marriage comes to take its place.

You can’t just imagine the Kind of Hallelujah the Angels and Elders will be shouting on your behalf seeing you fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

If in fulfilling your purpose, you are empowered or have the capacity of buying a Car, eh while not own it.
If you Can build a house, who told you it’s a crime.

My dear, even Heaven will be happy you are doing great. Just ask the Angels😀

Have you read Gen 1:28 that says,
And God bless them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.

Dear Sis, you are Part of the “THEM” God is talking about, do you get that?
You are not just to multiply and be fruitful just in child bearing alone, it includes all spheres of your life.
Your career, your Academics, Finances, everything you can just think of.
So don’t Dim your Light because of what society has made you to believe.

They said you won’t be Submissive Abi?
Your fear is that, you won’t get someone to marry you Abi?

My dear calm down ooooo……..
It can only take the right Man to see through the eye of God and attest to it, that you weren’t made for HOME only, But also MADE FOR MORE.

It’s only the right man that can understand the concept of creation and purpose who will in turn make you SHINE YOUR SHINE.
If his self-esteem is questionable,
If he feels insecure around you and what you possess or have gotten through your hard work and fulfilling purpose, HE IS WRONG.

Would you mind, husband man telling you, oh dear, I wouldn’t want you to stress yourself to work tomorrow, give me your car keys, I will come and pick you up and drive you to work, won’t that be sweet? That is Love and not Selfishness.

Brotherly, please understand this,
That she had it all figured out, doesn’t mean she will be rude or disrespect you, nay..
It doesn’t mean she will not be submissive either, she won’t even look down on you.
Never pay attention to what the society has made you to believe about career Woman, don’t give room to Ego to block your eye of understanding.

God has called you into oneness with her, you will become one flesh in all things including her possessions.

Haunty hear this,
Spread your wings and Soar, don’t let fear stop you from what you Can achieve.
If you can buy that car, own it.
If you can build that house, possess it.
If you can afford going on Vacation, please give yourself a good treat. It’s not pride, it’s self love.
You can only be Single once in your lifetime, so enjoy it.
You will be glad you did.

But in all your getting, let Wisdom be your guide and brother 😊
Don’t let your possession becloud your reasoning and forget to behave well.

The Right person who won’t see what you possess as a big deal but Love you for Who you are will surely find you.
I pray you won’t Miss it and Miserable.

Sisters should I increase the Volume?
Brother’s hope I have not scatter the Table 🙄