Invest in the Isle of Man, and Earn Yourself British Permanent Residency

Invest in the Isle of Man and Earn Yourself British Permanent Residency

If you already have a successful business in Nigeria, and looking for a way to expand your investment, maybe start a business in another favourable market, the Isle of Man is calling you.

This is an exciting opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneurs – a chance to grow your business in one of the world’s most stable and economically viable countries!

The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency located between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Known for its rugged coastline and medieval castles, the island is a low-tax economy and there is significant support for new and home-grown businesses.

After as little as three years of residence, you can obtain the Indefinite Leave to Remain, provided you meet all of the requirements.

Think of a level of support your business may not even get in countries like the UK or other leading European nations. That’s what the Isle of Man offers.

But before we dive deeper into this special immigration plan for entrepreneurs like you, Kinley Legal is your go-to company for a seamless, value-based immigration to this Island.

Kinley Legal specialises in the Isle of Man’s immigration and has a track record helping Nigerian entrepreneurs relocating to the Isle of Man. If you have funds in an amount equivalent to at leastNGN40,000,000 (for the Innovator route) or NGN15,000,000 (for the Start Up route), then, you can schedule a consultation with the team.

Isle of Man for Start-Ups and Innovators

There can’t be a better time to start a business here than now, and the conditions are entirely in your favour. The Island recently launched these immigration routes specifically to encourage entrepreneurs with the financial capacity to settle in the country.

As long as you have a business idea, with the potential to create employment, benefit the Isle of Man’s economy and have the necessary funds, and meet the English language requirements, you’re qualified. If your business is in the IT, consulting, health and beauty industry, or you’re into manufacturing, you even stand a better chance.

And you don’t have to know all the ropes, Kinley Legal can help restructure your business plan to fit into any requirement you haven’t covered, while also helping you to settle into the country.

Living in Isle of Man

Just as it is with the business environment, the Isle of Man also has a high standard of living –considerably cheaper than London, and with all the tax advantages of being based offshore.

And even though you’re expected to be financially fluid to move to the Isle of Man, there are also government grants and perks available for newly arrived and newly established businesses. So, your soft landing is assured.

Move to the Isle of Man with no Hassle

Kinley Legal’s team of lawyers, who are all based in the Isle of Man, will gladly offer their in-depth knowledge of the country to help you relocate, and start your business.

We have particular expertise in working with Nigerian clients, and that gives us the background we need to meet your needs, just the way you want.

Right from the start, we assign a dedicated Client Relationships Manager to you. Think of this as your PA from us, whose role is to look after you, and manage the process until its successful.

Let’s discuss your Isle of Man’s relocation plans.

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