Inside Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Morfe Lady Three canal boat home complete with luxury TV and even a dining room

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN has never been one to conform to the expectations of a global sports star.

He refuses to back down from speaking his mind, even if it lands him in trouble, and even bought himself a canal boat – not the stereotypical purchase of a six-time world champion.

The 60ft narrow boat, Morfe Lady Three, was put back on the market for £129,950

There is enough space for one couple to sleep inside and an en suite bathroom next door

The legendary snooker star, who is nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year, treated himself to the luxury boat in 2018 but opted to sell Morfe Lady Three just a year later.

The 60ft barge was moored on Regent’s Canal, which runs across North and East London and was up for sale for £129,950 for anyone fancying an escape from the hectic lifestyle of the capital.

And according to the Evening Standard, The Rocket did not even manage to spend a single night on board before putting it back on the market.

Inside the narrow boat, a spacious lounge area is complete with an indoor fire chiminea, a sofa, chair and rugs.

In the modern kitchen, O’Sullivan, 47, could have made perfect use of the island, hobs and double oven to prepare some of his favourite dishes and ate at the wooden oval table.

There is also a bedroom fitted with a cosy double bed and an en suite bathroom featuring a tiled floor, redwood vanity units with granite work tops and a large designer wash basin.

O’Sullivan revealed in 2018 his love for boats and commissioned another barge in 2007, aptly-named Double Kiss.

Speaking to Eurosport, he said: “I lived on a boat for about seven or eight years ago in London and I loved it.

“I spent about three or four months living on it but couldn’t use it because I had to get back to work.

“I couldn’t sit in a hotel room but I come in, have a little kip, put the snooker on, the TV on, have a few friends come in.

“You don’t feel like you’re cooped up so much. It’s nice to see water.”


A 17-year-old O’Sullivan broke on to the scene by winning the 1993 UK Championship and then the 1995 Masters.

Yet he had to wait several years before lifting a first world title in 2001 — at his ninth attempt.

There are well-documented points where he has struggled with depression, alcohol and drug abuse.

Despite his numerous records, O’Sullivan feels he could have done better after wasting nine years of his career partying.

Asked by former Eurosport presenter Andy Goldstein in 2020 for his “biggest regret in snooker”, he replied: “Maybe between 1995 and 2000 when I don’t think I properly dedicated my time to snooker. Perhaps I lost a bit of time there.

“And again between 2005 and 2007 I don’t think I won a ranking tournament for 32 months. And again 2009 to 2011.

“So perhaps I’ve had nine years from a 27-year playing career where I mentally wasn’t ready.”

The bathroom is fitted with a stylish finish including a lovely basin


O’Sullivan told Eurosport about his love for boats, including the time he spent living on board a barge

The open play living space is spacious with a sofa, chair and table which can seat four

Ronnie O’Sullivan decided to sell his boat after just one year of owning it

An avid chef, The Rocket no doubt made use of the modern-style kitchen on board

O’Sullivan reckons he wasted nine years of his career because he partied too hard and was not mentally ready to win trophies

O’Sullivan added: “I was partying quite a lot. The snooker season was September to May and the World Champs was the last tournament of the year.

“If I had a bad session I felt the sooner this is over, the sooner I can have some fun with my friends. When it came off, it was the most unbelievable feeling.

“If you win it once, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win it again because you’ve got your name on the trophy.

“The monkey off your back is huge, it allows you to go and play and then it’s just a case of clocking up as many titles as you can get.”

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