Initiative on Support for Micro & Small Businesses with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, If Elected

<strong>Initiative on Support for Micro & Small Businesses with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, If Elected</strong>

Giving people the privilege to develop themselves without the need to always be fed is a priority and it also represents what a good government should provide for its citizens.

The philanthropic act of Bola Ahmed Tinubu can never be forgotten during his time as a governor. Now he wants to extend it on a wider platform to exhibit what true government is all about. The necessary support to achieve this goal lies in your hands to vote for the perfect example of leadership.

In every community and country, you go to, there are always those citizens that find it hard to earn a living. What can be done to help them? A good way to go about it is by equipping them with the right needed tools and skills to make them capable of taking good care of themselves by earning with the skills they have learned and applying them in their businesses.

We have micro and small business units in every economy. They need government support with quality facilities to help their businesses grow. If elected, the Tinubu-Shettima administration is aimed at making this a reality for these aspiring entrepreneurs.

The administration promises to do the following activities to empower these businessmen and women;

  • Collaborate with the CBN, microfinance banks, SMEDAN, and Bank of Industry to assist entrepreneurs with loans to function and operate in the country to aim for the survival of these traders. When this is done, lives will be less hard for people and with more access to loans, growth is ensured and continuity is guaranteed.
  • Economic growth would be ensured by transforming the country’s business into a consumer financing and credit system. This system will help to transform the country from a cash and carry the country to a consumer-based financing economy.

We must act fast and act right by making sure this dream to change the country’s economy is achieved. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is great at making a blueprint for the future to be actualized.

This cannot be overemphasized because we all have dreams and goals as a person, and more importantly as a business person, no known avenue can offer great benefits to make sure its citizens get what they deserve.

The future is now and not later. We must join hands to make Nigeria great again by electing the chosen candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu for president in 2023. Let generations that come after us be glad we made the right choice by electing Bola Ahmed Tinubu to create a well-planned avenue for their future to be guaranteed.

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