Imagine for a moment, the economic effect of 500,000 staying for 4 days in a poor community like Mgbidi?

Lord Chosen church founded by Lazarus Mouka made an important announcement yesterday which is a shape of what is to come in South-East Nigeria.

The church announced that for the first time in its history as a church, it will take its 2022 International Crusade – #Mgbidi22, The biggest and most organized gathering in the entire South-East that holds every January from Mgbidi, Imo state, to Ijesha, Lagos state over the unending sit at home order by IPOB and because of the insecurity in the east driven by unknown gun men.

Now, this is why this announcement is worrying and important.

Lazarus Mouka, the founder of the church has a religious camp in Mgbidi, taking this religious event since he founded the church to the community is his own way of contributing to the growth of his community’s local economy and locals look forward to the once in a year event and this is why:

Every year, this Lord chosen program recorded over 500,000 participants from over 57 countries, all 36 states and the FCT for the 4-day international programme

Imagine for a moment, the economic effect of 500,000 staying for 4 days in a poor community like Mgbidi?

According to a Lord Chosen Members that I spoke to while writing this, because of this Once in a year event church program of Lord Chosen, 8,000 hotels/motels around Anambra and Imo state are booked by the visiting Lord chosen member, more than 152 private homes in Mgbidi are also paid for for the use of the participants.

Demand for accommodation during that period of the year is so intense that indigenes of Mgbidi and neighbouring communities in Anambra and Imo states rent out their uncompleted houses, empty lands for participants of the program to build tents on.

Last year, the Mgbidi community recorded the influx of more than 2,000 vendors who came to sell their wares to the participants.

Fuel stations are forced to refill to meet demands because the over 500,000 members of Lord chosen came with their cars so they need to buy fuel.

Imo airport recorded over 50% increase in traffic, jobs were created for the youths of the local community by the church.

All these economic benefits will be taken to Ijesha Lagos because of IPOB.

The main reason for the change of venue is primarily because of the safety of participants because of the insecurity in the east and the compulsory sit at home order of IPOB.

Let’s hear Pastor Lazarus Mouka as he takes over from me from here:

Pastor Lazarus Muoka revealed that the unprecedented decision was born out of his concern for the safety of the millions of participants who would be flying down to the region from all over the world for the 4-day International crusade.

The G.O explaining the reason behind the change in location for the #Mgbidi22; he pointed out that due to the sit at home order in the South East on Mondays and Fridays, the programme which kicks off on Thursday and is scheduled to run till Sunday will be disrupted, and those that are meant to return to their work and important engagements from the program on Monday, January 10th won’t be able to, until Tuesday 11th Jan.

Also, he explained that the safety of those coming from outside the country, considering the state of the nation and the insecurity is also a strong point considered.

The programme which is scheduled to hold January 6th to 9th, 2022 is the most anticipated every year with millions of worshippers gathering at the mountain top to receive from the Lord fresh anointing and strength for the rest of the year.