I’m the ‘Living Nostradamus’ who correctly predicted the World Cup finalists – here’s who will lift the trophy

A SO-CALLED prophet who correctly predicted the World Cup finalists has now declared which team will win the tournament.

Athos Salome has been likened to French astrologer Nostradamus after claiming to have already correctly prophesised the Covid pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and the Queen’s death.

@athos_salome/InstagramAthos Salome has been likened to French astrologer Nostradamus[/caption]

ReutersThe final will take place at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday[/caption]

Dubbed “Living Nostradamus”, Athos, from Brazil, correctly predicted Argentina and France would meet in the final clash.

He made the prediction before a ball was kicked in Qatar back in early November.

The Brazilian now claims he knows the winner of this year’s World Cup ahead of Sunday’s clash.

His senses have told him that Argentina will emerge victorious in the final.

Athos said he predicts the future based on a system called Kabbalah, which analyses mathematical probabilities.

His calculation for the final consists of the date of the match – Sunday, December 18 – and the names of the participants.

And his supposed sums gave Argentina the number eight, which he said represents: “The completion of creation, and the beginning of a new cycle, the receiving of what is done and practiced.”

He told the Daily Star: “You cannot predict games, that is luck and luck is measured by effort and not by guessing, I have always been against giving my guess, because thousands of people are betting, I am against games of chance.”

Meanwhile, his calculations left France with the number seven – which isn’t good enough to win.

“The Law of Seven understands that the Universe consists of forces that influence each other and therefore nothing ever stays the same, it either evolves or degenerates,” Athos said.

Based on his theory that nothing ever stays the same, France are set to lose.

“It therefore makes no sense for France to be champions again.”

The Brazilian clairvoyant claims his visions hit him out of the blue, with one of his prophecies warning that “World War III is coming”.

Another of his predictions warns of imminent danger for an unspecified city, which will see objects “fall from the sky and nothing will be left.”

He added that “this will be the warning that war has begun”, and ominously anticipates that a pair of “great leaders” will soon unite to attack the United States.

He warned that the impending damage will be far worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

While his visions often warn of impending doom, Athos has said he instead intends his prophecies to be used for good so authorities have time to react to the incoming danger.

“The predictions are made as a warning, not to bring despair to the population”, he said.

“This is no cause for despair, rather I warn so that the predictions reach the great leaders and something is done to prevent the worst.”