I’m an ex-Man Utd star but now I work as a delivery driver and have had to sell my first England cap and shirt

DESPITE playing for Manchester United and England Neil Webb is now a delivery driver.

In order to boost his retirement, he is selling his first-ever England shirt and cap.

GettyNeil Webb is working as a delivery driver despite being a former Manchester United and England star[/caption]

GettyHe played for the Old Trafford side over a four year spell[/caption]

Webb, 59, ended his professional career 26 years ago and did not earn the same amount of money that stars of today’s game collect on a weekly basis.

The Premier League‘s best players are earning over £350,000 per week, but in a past time top players were not compensated in the same way.

Many stars, such as Webb, had to continue to work and find jobs after retiring from playing and he has been a postman as well as his current role as a delivery driver.

Webb also enjoyed two successful spells at Nottingham Forest in his career, scoring 50 league goals from midfield.

But since retiring, Webb has admitted he has had “numerous jobs” and is hopeful his England shirt and cap go to someone that will “appreciate them”.

He told The Mirror: “I’ve had numerous jobs over the last few years and at the moment I am a delivery driver.

“My generation earned good money and you could buy a nice house, a nice car and put your children through private education.

“But it is a different world for today’s players. I always knew I would have to work after I played.


“I can’t relate to the incredulous wages players get today. Even £100,000 a week – I can’t relate to that.

“I’m turning 60 in July and it would be good if the shirt and cap goes to someone who will appreciate them.

“It will boost my retirement pot. It has hung on the wall in our home and if nobody decides to buy it I’ll happily keep hold of it.

“When I look back on my career I can say I played under Mr [Brian] Clough, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Robson, three of the best ever British managers. I would have loved to play for Pep Guardiola. I admire the way he makes players better and moulds his teams.”

Webb is selling his beloved Three Lions shirt and cap at Graham Budd Auctions, of Wellingborough, Northants on June 6.

They are expected to fetch up to £15,000 which will be used to boost his retirement fund.

The shirt and cap were awarded to him after making his bow for England in 1987 during a friendly match against West Germany.

During his time at Manchester United, Webb played 75 times in the league across four years.

He also managed to earn 26 caps for England between 1987 and 1992.

Webb now lives with his wife of 25 years, who works as a GP, in Reading, Berkshire.