I’m a World Cup time traveller – the final will be an absolute goal-fest but a last-minute score won’t stop the winners

THE World Cup final is set to be a goal-fest but a last minute effort won’t affect the final score, a self-proclaimed time traveller has said.

Rather than the cagey game neutral fans dread, the final between France and Argentina set to be a thriller, claims the crazy quantum leaper in a bonkers TikTok video.

The World Cup final will be a goal fest claims the time travellertiktok/@fut.furk

France celebrating their apparent World Cup wintiktok/@fut.furk

Argentina are already through to the World Cup final thanks to some Lionel Messi magic.

France are all set to book their spot after overcoming Morocco in tonight’s semi-final, says apparent soothsayer fut.furk.

He says the first goal in the final will be a Griezemann penalty after 13 minutes with former Man Utd flop Angel de Maria equalising just before half time.

Heartbreak will visit Argentina in the second half as a Kylian Mbappe double sees France stand on the verge of a third World Cup triumph.

Not even Sergio Aguero repeating his injury heroics that won Man City the title can save the day for Argentina though as France triumph 4-3.

Aguero’s score would be all the more remarkable given he’s not in the Argentina squad but clearly the time traveller knows something the rest of us don’t.

The footage ends with France celebrating and Messi looking dejected.

But the French shouldn’t be celebrating too soon, if a rival time traveller’s predictions are to be believed.

In another unfeasible TikTok video fifatime_traveller shows footage from the future claiming to show what happens.

“I’m a time traveller and Morocco beats France!!!” he says.

Moroccan players are seen celebrating their ‘winning goal’ in front their jubilant fans as footage cuts to the despondent French team and their sobbing supporters.

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