I’m a Premier League star.. this is how I s*** myself crashing £210k Lamborghini on Christmas day dressed as snowman

MICHAIL ANTONIO has explained how he crashed his £210,000 Lamborghini on Christmas day in 2019.

The West Ham forward was dressed as a snowman when he crashed into a garden wall whilst driving his Lamborghini Huracan.

Instagram / @michailantonioMichail Antonio has explained how he crashed his £210,000 Lamborghini[/caption]

The SunAntonio crashed his Lamborghini Huracan on Christmas day in 2019[/caption]

The SunThe West Ham striker was dressed as a snowman at the time of the crash[/caption]

“This conversation is very like… (touches chest),” He told the On The Judy podcast. “Still to this day it’s hurt me.

“Basically yeah, slippery road. Obviously, in the car, it holds corners nicely in it so I’m going like 30, maybe 35, on a 30 road.

“It holds corners so I’m thinking I don’t even need to break, I’m just gonna go around the corner, sick car.

“As I’m going round the corner, it skids. So I s*** myself and I slam on the breaks.

“Worst thing you can do on ice, yeah, slam on the brakes cause you just speed up. Slam on the brakes, just skid but I’ve just gone up the curb.

“I don’t even remember it and then I’m seeing smoke coming out the front of the car.

“The engines in the back so I’m thinking the car’s gonna blow up even though it’s the airbags. Having to jump out of the passenger side, the tiny car.”

As for what happened next, Antonio added: “It’s a madness and the thing is, I’m in the snowman costume as well.


The SunAntonio crashed into a garden wall after losing control of his car[/caption]

The SunAntonio skid off a road and into the wall[/caption]

“I confiscate people’s phones. Like ‘take your phone, give me your phone’.

“I was taking people’s phones but the only person who’s phone I didn’t take was the owner of the house and then she was the one who came out blogging and it was not even her garden bro.

“So she lives around the corner, attached to the garden but her garden was on that side.

“It was some next guy who I spoke to afterwards, it was his garden. He was cool but she’s like ‘oh a Lamborghini landed in my garden’. It’s not even in the garden. And then she sold the story again this year.”

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