I’m a former Playboy model and World Cup Wag and I’ll snog any man or woman when I’m drunk

CATHY FISCHER has revealed that she will snog anyone after a few drinks.

The former Playboy model is single again after her recent divorce from Borussia Dortmund star Mats Hummels.

Instagram @cathyhummelsCathy Hummels has said she would kiss men or women when ‘drunk’[/caption]

Instagram @cathyhummelsCathy is a former Playboy model[/caption]

Instagram @cathyhummelsShe is also a former Wag after a relationship with Mats Hummels[/caption]

Instagram @cathyhummelsShe has 700k followers on Instagram[/caption]

Cathy, 35, announced that the two were splitting in November 2022.

Talking about her life, the podcaster has now admitted that she will kiss anyone, man or woman, when “drunk”.

She told radio station Energy Munich” “I love to snog when I’m drunk.

“The sex is irrelevant, I don’t care.

“I also kiss women in such situations. Then I just want to snog.”

Cathy married Hummels in 2015 and they have a son, Ludwig, who is now five.

The pair tied the knot a year after Hummels won the World Cup with Germany in Brazil.

Cathy’s comments would suggest she can be promiscuous, she insists that most of the time it never goes further than a kiss.

Cathy married Hummels in 2015Getty Images – Getty

The couple divorced in 2022Bongarts – Getty

When asked about her ‘body count’ (the amount of people she has had sex with), Cathy replied: “I can count them with one hand.

“I don’t open my castle to anyone.

“To me, this is a very private matter.”

In 2019 she found herself in trouble after a restaurant claimed she did not pay a bill.

In 2016, she had an unfortunate time during Oktoberfest as she was covered in vomit while walking under a rollercoaster.

EPAThey have a son together[/caption]

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