‘I Will Either Die Or They Die’ – Bauchi Gov Dares Bandits To Take Over Yankari Game Reserve

‘I Will Either Die Or They Die’ – Bauchi Gov Dares Bandits To Take Over Yankari Game Reserve

The Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has vowed he would rather die than allow bandits to take over the Yankari Game Reserve and Safari tourist site.

Naija News reports that Mohammed made the vow in a speech at the 2023 launching of the Tree Planting Campaign held on Thursday at the Dungal Housing Estate, Bauchi.

The governor said British investors were planning to take over the tourist centre and invest $18 million to bring security; hence, his decision never to allow the bandits to take over the place.

Mohammed also declared war on the charcoal business in the state following the activities of tree fellers across the 20 local government areas.

He said, “Today, we are happy, we’re being recognised by the international community. Bauchi has become the next investment destination. Our biodiversity, which is Yankari, has attracted British investors that came here, discussed with us seriously, and they are ready to take over Yankari to save our Fauna and Flora, to save our animals with an initial investment of $18 million of their own money and to bring security.

“We have been battling with bandits inside Yankari. I will never allow them to take over Yankari from me, under my time, no, no way! I will either die or they die. They will not be there. I am assuring you, the people of Bauchi.

“Our commitment to survive as a people irrespective of climate change around us if we are doing things that are not good which is helping the enemy, the manifestation of drought, erosion, flooding, deforestation, hunger and so on are all attributed to climate change.

“Our trees are being felled, charcoal business has become the order of the day. We have been arresting them every day and somehow, our neighbours have stopped but we have willing collaborators in our leaders, political leaders like you and me.

“We are here in this estate to show you that tree planting is the way to go for sustainable development. We need to come together and fight for our survival, we need to take back our environment. We need to assure our future generations that we have to live and that humanity is here to thrive.

“We have to go by legislation by persuasion and enforcement, we will not close our eyes and leave anybody no matter how highly placed they are to diversify our society and our environment.

“From today, we have declared war against the charcoal business in Bauchi and those felling trees anyhow. Sometimes, as I move on the road, we’ll see people with machines felling trees and when you ask, they’ll tell you that they have been given permission by the Director of Forestry either in the state or the local government. We have to be very aggressive.”

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