A young lady chatted to me recently and started lamenting about her fiancé who was supposed to come see her parents but didn’t later show up. This happened twice and she was so heartbroken and disappointed the second time it happened. They’ve been in FAKE courtship for ONE year and she never had an idea what she was into! Immediately she told me about the situation, I perceived in my spirit that there was something MORE to this that she wasn’t seeing.

Sisters, LOVE IS NOT BLIND, sometimes we are the one who just chose to close our inner eyes to certain things in relationship. The night she had that discussion with me, she sent me a voicenote and bitterly expressed her disappointment. In the middle of our discussion, I told her something. I said, ‘I perceive there’s more to this guy not wanting to come see your parents. He would promise to come and end up not coming. You need to have a heart to heart talk with him. There is something this guy isn’t telling you.’

She reasoned with me and did exactly what I told her, only for her to get the shock of her life! I wasn’t surprised when she came back to tell me that she has been courting a married man, UNKNOWN to her! I know another lady who had this same experience about two years ago, in fact, the guy wasn’t only married, he has two kids and his wife was HEAVILY pregnant with their third child. Meanwhile, he was parading himself in another state (where he works) as a single guy. He was even planning to have a small introduction with the innocent lady’s family. Some men are desperately wicked!

Dear LADY, especially for those of you in a distant relationship, be wise as a serpent! Prayer is not the only thing you need when going into a relationship, you need a working brain and a very sharp sense. How well do you know the brother you’re in a relationship with? Or the only thing you know is that he loves you? Some of you are even at the verge of getting married to a MARRIED man, unknown to you! Don’t be carried away, ma. He said you shouldn’t tell your parents about the relationship yet and you’re not seeing anything wrong with that, you need hot deliverance!

And for some of you who hide your relationship from your entire family, your Parents and Pastors are not aware of your relationship, even your friends do not know about your FAKE courtship, this is exactly what you get in return sometimes! These sons of BELIAL are everywhere. The firstborn of the devil parading themselves as an angel of light. DO NOT HIDE YOUR RELATIONSHIP FROM YOUR PARENTS AND PASTORS, it is to your own benefit not theirs! Dear LADY, may you not fall into the wrong hands in the name of Jesus.

I call you BLESSED!
©Mary Balogun