I married a top golfer, little did I know it would mean fighting off strippers dressed in s***ty high heels

JOHN DALY’S ex-wife Sherrie was shocked by life married to a golfer and warned there is a huge price to pay being with a professional athlete.

Sherrie has released a tell-all memoir titled ‘Teed Off: My Life as a Player’s Wife on the PGA Tour’ which describes what her life was like as a woman married to a pro golfer.

GettyJohn Daly and Sherrie were married for six years and have one child together, Little John[/caption]

AP:Associated PressSherrie revealed how she would have to “fight off” strippers trying to get close to her husband[/caption]

John Daly is one of the biggest characters in the world of golfGetty

Not known, clear with picture deskSherrie has released a tell-all memoir describing her life with Daly[/caption]

She was Daly’s fourth wife and her six years with the cult figure were filled with drama and chaos before their split in 2007.

Sherrie recalled violent incidents involving Daly, and spoke about his problems with alcoholism and gambling.

She claims Daly once lost £1.3million on a single trip to Vegas, while his drinking would sometimes start as early at 7am.

Daly, 57, is alleged to have once smashed the windows of his Porsche in a drunken rage and urinated on the walls of his house in front of Sherrie and his mother because he did not like the colour they had been painted.

But it was the extramarital affairs that really hit hard as Sherrie claims Daly would parade around with other women in front of her friends – yet she says she always forgave him.

She told the New York Post: “I thought I’d marry a golfer and have a nice family and have a preppy life with kids.

“The reality is… My twenties kind of got stolen from me and I’m a little mad about that. Being married to a professional athlete is not what you think – there’s a huge price to pay.

‘”I just want people to know it wasn’t just Tiger [Woods]. And if they want John Daly, we for sure know they want Tiger. And I think it’s just a life of hell that people don’t understand.

“Its not just Tiger. It’s John and others, believe me. Professional golfers behave as dirty as any other professional athlete or rock star.

“Yes, we get to go shopping, yes, we get to buy whatever we want – and sometimes [golf players] are really nice. Sometimes they’re really good parents or dads or husbands – but when they’re bad, they’re just so bad, and so it’s not worth it.”

Sherrie, who now volunteers for a domestic abuse charity, also criticised girls at golf tournaments who would try to seduce players or lure them to strip clubs after the event was finished.

She explained how much of her time as Daly’s wife was spent fighting off “strippers” – literally in one case.

Sherrie added: “Little did I know that being a golf wife would mean fighting off strippers.

“Strippers swarm the course alongside the real golf fans, acting like they’re watching the game. Only they’re wearing slutty high heels made out of rubber, and they’re handing out to all of the players flyers for the strip clubs where they work.

“The grass is just littered with pieces of paper printed with pictures of those nasty strippers on them.

“I’d been told by many men in Memphis, including my banker, that there was a girl who’d give golfers [oral sex] when they got to the 16th hole at Southwind.

“Apparently, all they had to do was pay £250 when they got there, and shed take them into the bushes and she’d do it for them right there.”

Daly has not re-married since divorcing Sherrie in 2007 and these days is frequently spotted hanging out with Hooters girls at events.

He recently revealed he writes his own music and has released three albums, and one provided backing vocals to the likes of Kid Rock.

Daly has three children – Shynah, 31, Sierra, 28 and ‘Little John’, 20, who is his only child with Sherrie.

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