I Am Not A Jobless Politician Supporting Atiku Because Of Money – Bwala Blasts Critics

Daniel Bwala, a legal practitioner and spokesperson of the Atiku Abubakar presidential campaign during the 2023 presidential election has berated those claiming he is supporting his principal because of the money involved.

Speaking via X on Thursday morning, Bwala stated that he finds it ridiculous when his critics point to Atiku’s money whenever he posts his opinion on social media.

He argued that unlike what his critics think, he is not a jobless politician adding that he runs a successful law practice amidst other professions.

Bwala noted that he joined Atiku’s presidential quest because he respects him and would forever be loyal to him,

According to Bwala, “One of the ridiculous things I read from people on social media whenever I post my opinion on any given subject they are uncomfortable with is “Atiku’s money” “cash out” etc. funny. I have a successful practice of law and arbitration in cross-border jurisdictions.

“I am an author, adjunct lecturer and international figure. I sponsored my education at home and abroad without any scholarship. I have investments that I earned from genuine transactions.

“I didn’t inherit assets or money from my father, But God is my everything. Rochas Okorocha told me “Bwala, you a man your worst critic would respect your intellect and would wish to have you on his side” To the critics, If their memories were still functional, they would have known about the existence of my status long before I joined Atiku Abubakar’s quest for presidency. Let’s be clear, Atiku Abubakar is a man I will forever respect and be loyal to. I AM NOT A JOBLESS CAREER POLITICIAN THAT HANGS AROUND POLITICIANS FOR SURVIVAL. That’s why I express my opinion freely on any given subject.”

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