Hull KR boss Willie Peters fears ‘skin hanging off’ in Wakefield pitch row

WAKEFIELD’S pitch has been given the all clear to host Hull KR after concerns even sent Sky Sports away.

But Rovers boss Willie Peters insists they had to fight to make sure it is right, so he does not see skin hanging off players’ legs afterwards.

Willie Peters insists Hull KR were right to question Wakefield’s pitch after seeing photos of cuts sustained on itSWPIX.COM

The hybrid surface has been the centre of many players receiving scratches and cuts, with Trinity sources telling SunSport some stars even turned to antibiotics to prevent infection.

And KR’s field manager decided it was not up to scratch on his inspection, leading to an independent opinion on Monday.

Even though that decided it is OK, Peters does not want to see scenes like those displayed by Catalans and Huddersfield players.

He said: “We wouldn’t have gone through what we went through if we didn’t think there was strong evidence the pitch wasn’t right and there was an issue.

“When I saw photos of players having played on there, it wasn’t good and I’ve had people contact me, knowing we’re playing on it soon. I wasn’t fishing for things.

“It’s a brutal contact sport so to see legs and skin taken off the way it was and players getting infected because of a pitch, we’re in control of that.

“Comments were made about it being OK for the Huddersfield game. Well, no it wasn’t. It was mentioned after by people who played in the game that it wasn’t OK.

“Our ground manager had a look and decided it wasn’t in condition. Going by the first two games there, the field wasn’t right.

“Now an independent person has said it’s OK, we’ll go with that but if it’s similar to what it has been, I’d be disappointed.”

Peters admits he will be ‘disappointed’ if his stars suffer, even though the surface has been given the all clearSWPIX.COM

The Wakefield match was meant to be broadcast live on Sky but fears it may get switched or postponed forced them to switch to Wigan v Salford.

However following hours of discussion, the match stays to its original schedule.

But Peters is adamant his players are OK to play, adding: “We’ve spoken about it doesn’t matter now. We’ll play anywhere, it doesn’t matter. They’re in the right headspace.”

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