How to Sell Properties Online In Nigeria

How to Sell Properties Online in Nigeria shouldn’t a be a rocket science as advent of internet technologies, online marketing platforms and online advertising agencies in Nigeria have made selling a property online in Nigeria viable.  Whether you want to lease, rent, or sell properties in Nigeria; this how to Sell Properties Online in Nigeria will be of great help to you as an agent, real estate company or property’s dealer in Nigeria.

There’re generally three categories of how to sell Properties online in Nigeria.

  1. Do it yourself using internet technologies, of course with an online marketing skill.
  2. Use properties listing sites in Nigeria.
  3. Hire real estate online marketing agency like AdHang.

Selling Properties Online in 5 Easy Steps Yourself

  1. Get your own domain nameweb address registration is a starting point on how to sell online in Nigeria. Here you register a domain using web hosting company in Nigeria.  The same company that registers your domain can host it for you as well. As of the time of writing this a dotcom domain is around N4, 500 a year, while hosting is around N6, 000 a year. You can get domain and hosting from
  2. Build your website: after you have gotten domain and web hosting; building your website is the next thing in selling your properties online in Nigeria. You should have a good looking website to complement the type of property you will be selling to Nigerian buyers and renters. This will enable you to list your properties for potential properties’ buyers and renters in Nigeria.
  3. SEO:  SEO stands for search engine optimization, after your website is up and running; it has to be optimized for search engines so that potential property’s buyers and renters in Nigeria who are searching for properties can find your website in search engines when they look for properties’ companies in Nigeria. SEO is a great strategy on how to sell Properties online in Nigeria. If you don’t know how, you may need the service of SEO experts in Nigeria.
  4. Post the right kind of content: content marketing is a good way on how to sell Properties online in Nigeria. Apart from listing all your properties (homes, lands, offices, etc) in your website, you need to post real estate contents that will educate properties’ buyers and renters about different sides of real estate. This will not only help your search engine ranking in Nigeria; it will foster properties’ buyers’ confidence that they are dealing with an expert, not an agent that is interested in their money only.
  5. Attract buyers and sellers:  to sell Properties online through your website you have to attract buyers, other agents and sellers to your website.  You can do that through real estate online promotion: advertising your website, marketing the name, through posting on forums, paying real estate bloggers to blog about your brand, using sponsored ads, internet banner placement, etc. Therefore, promoting the properties you have in your website.

This is How to Sell Properties Online in Nigeria doing it yourself.

Sell Properties Online in Nigeria using Properties listing sites in Nigeria

You can sell your properties using properties listing sites in Nigeria, and classified websites. The’re tens of properties listing sites in Nigeria, both free property advertising sites in Nigeria, and paid ones. Whether you want to sell the property in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, or anywhere; properties listing sites in Nigeria can help. You only need to search properties listing sites in Nigeria you’re ok with their terms and conditions.  You can search through search engines to locate many of them and start listing your properties in Nigeria.

Sell Properties Online in Nigeria using Real Estate Online Advertising Agencies in Nigeria

If you don’t have the time, technologies’ know-how, and online marketing expertise; the best option on how to Sell Properties Online In Nigeria is to employ properties online marketing agency in Nigeria like AdHang.

Properties online marketing agency in Nigeria, being their daily jobs and area of expertise, will save you lots of time, money and stress, and at the same time make you sales than you ever thought possible.  Real estate online advertising agency knows the right platforms, types of marketing that suit any estate, have the tools, and can employ multiple sources to sell your properties online in Nigeria, such as search engines, content marketing, mobile marketing, influencers marketing, social media marketing and internet display advertising.  To hire online real estate advertising in Nigeria, I recommend AdHang, the pioneer, and guru in real estate online marketing in Nigeria.

These are how to sell Properties online in Nigeria.