How Crack In Osun APC Cost Us Governorship Election – APC Organising Secretary

The All Progressives Congress Deputy National Organising Secretary, Hon Nze Chidi Duru, has revealed how the internal crack among stakeholders in Osun State cost the party victory in the governorship election.

Duru in a statement released concerning the election said the ruling might have won the election if the differences in the party were attended to.

He further stated that the outcome of the election shows that the APC does not impose anything on Independent National Electoral Commission.

Duru speaking on the 16th July 2022 governorship election said, “Yes, of course, the party had continued to send the signal and the message that we needed to close ranks. We cannot cut our noses to spite our faces. Politicians should realise that it is always better to be from the inside than from the outside.

“We understand that in the political sphere, what is important is helping the party to win the election and being accommodated after the emergence of the party in power in a particular locality. We do not discount the fact that perhaps if we had resolved the apparent division of the stalwarts and stakeholders in Osun State and if perhaps we brought them together, we may have had a different result. But then we don’t know.

“There are states where, despite all these, APC had a good showing. If you take Ekiti State, for example, there were stalwarts of the party that worked differently, but the party worked very hard and we won the election with a landslide. The scenario again repeated itself in the Osun state but we had a different result. We have come to a point, in the party administration, to recognize the fact that there are parties, personalities and stakeholders that for some reason, have chosen not to work together.

“What has also become very clear is that this government of APC has no hand and does not impose anything on INEC in the discharge of its responsibility.

“As a party, we are committed to helping the commission to bequeath to Nigeria the possibility of free, fair and transparent elections. We believe, as a party that it is the only guarantee we need as a country to hold leaders accountable.

“If the electorate speaks as they did in Osun, we will abide by it and if the law court gives an interpretation as to what transpired in Osun, we will also respect the judiciary. These are what is required to build a country.”

This article was originally published on Naija News

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